Assassination, Future Riots, Kevin Powell and a Crisis

The Jewish Defense Organization, a militant New York group with a small following that is a newer more modern version of the old Jewish Defense League, is calling for the assassination of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Can a Muslim website or organization in America call for the asasination of anyone without serving life in prison? Sheikh Ali al-Timimi is doing life in prison for making a few non-violent statements that never led to anyone being harmed ( and the lies of others). This is a clear example of the double-standard that exists in America.

If you are radical American-Jew you can go to the West Bank and join a settler militia and commit violent political crimes and then be free to come back to Brooklyn and raise money for your activities. When an organization like the Islamic Association for Palestine is set up to advocate on behalf of the Islamist position in Palestine it comes under attack and charities like the Holy Land Foundation are shut down and people go to jail.

Experts on Hindu politics will tell you that a big part of the funding for radical Hindu organizations and the big organizations like the Hindu World Congress comes from the West. Even when militias linked to these groups, like the Monkey g** Brigades have committed horrific acts of violence the US authorities does not clamp down on them . Yet Muslims connected to Kashmiri Freedom organizations are imprisoned.

The double standard is everywhere.

Nigerian Census

If you see riots in the weeks or months to come you can blame it on the Nigerian census that is starting today. Political representation in Nigeria is based on the census and there hasn’t been one in fifteen years. The friction comes from tribes who jockey to increase their numbers any way they can n order for their tribes to have more of a share of the government. The other big issue, and it is huge, is the religious count between Muslims and Christians and both groups claim to have a majority of the population. There may e no country in the world where Muslims and Christians get along worse then they do in Nigeria and this situation has been fueled over the years by the Muslim Hausa domination of the military and the corruption that brought. If there are any researchers in fraud you better get to Nigeria quick because starting today you are going to be seeing some of the newest tricks in the book from all sides.

Domestic Violence and Candidacy of Kevin Powell

When hip-hop journalist Kevin Powell Originally announced that he would be running for congress out of Brooklyn to replace Ed Towns, my congressman, I was happy. This showed me that the hip-hop generation as maturing and was ready to actively get involved in leadership roles in society. That is why it troubled me to read last weeks account of Powell’s history of violence against women in a Daily News editorial by Erroll Louis.

Over the years Powell has been connected to several acts of violence with a number of different women, and those are just the ones we know about, and Powell has said he has anger management problems, he is sorry and he is taking responsibility for his past.

My question is this; Powell never got mad at men? He never lost his temper with men? Why didn’t he punch men or throw things at men? Chances are because he knew that he might have got his ass kicked and therefore he has a history of being a punk and a coward and those are attributes that are hard to get away from.

Crisis for Black Men in NYC

A new study out highlights the problems of black men in NYC and highlights the unemployment rate that is at 50%. There is a clear crisis amongst black males, who are doing far worse than black women in almost every category, and the inablity to find a job is one of the biggest problems. I will write on this more later but one thing is sure, and this is coming from someone who is pro-immigration, is that the massive amount of undocumented workers in NYC, along with many cultural and racial issues, is hindering not only black males, but white males as well, from getting jobs. It is time for working-class men to come together and address these issues.


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