Man, I got put some people on blast. First of all let me say that I have a deep distrust of yuppie Muslims after what went down in Northern Virginian amongst the so-called yuppie Jihadis. Now, let me move on to the al-Maghrib Institute in NYC.

I saw a flyer at jummahu a few weeks ago for an event called 10 Minute Shahadah with Brother Kamal Makee. I have known Kamal for a long time and wanted to attend the event but was not able to. So I decided to go to the website on the flyer and then I subscribed to the email list of the group to find out about future events. The email list is like a buddies club of insiders information and when I try to email them and ask them when there is a halaqa and when are the events they are describing so I can attend the moderator doesn’t even let my email through. What kind of dawah is this? What kind of organization is this? Or is it just a bunch of yuppie college kids who drink latte over Ibn Taymiya and have a private club? Man these people piss me off. They claim to be trying to spread the deen but do not wish to help Muslims seeking necessary information in order to pursue knowledge. That is why I hate being around Muslims these days. Sister bikhair reminded me that it is haram to hit Muslims and it is just too tempting at times so that is why I stay to myself.

While I am at it let me put so more people on blast; the security teams at ghetto masjids in Brooklyn. Man, aint nobody trying to kill your imam and nobody cares what you are doing so stop messing with Muslims who are just coming to pray. In case the news hasnt all the way seeped in you are out of prison. A lot of Muslim brothers dont like to go to places like Masjid at-Taqwa, Masjid al-Iqwaa and other palces because of the amount of ignorance you have to deal with and then the masjid imams, like Imam Siraj, complain that the masjids dont have any money. Maybe you would have so money if people with jobs and money were not harassed by parolees every time they came to the masjid and the brothers in the masjid had even a little bit of good adhab and were not acting like they are in a halfway house.


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