Abdurrahman Mian: Muslims, Have You Seen This Punk?

For those of you who are not familiar with the story of Nixmary Brown she is the young seven year old Brooklyn girl who was systematically starved and then beaten to death by her stepfather as her mother sat by and did nothing earlier this year. The New York Post today is reporting that her biological father, who never saw the girl when she was alive and only saw her one time and that was in her casket, is seeking to cash in on her death and become the administrator of her estate so he can cash in on the millions that may be made off of lawsuits against the Administration for Children Services. He never saw her when she was alive, never helped her when she was being tortured, but now he wants to make money off her death.

If I wasn’t already angry about the fact that the father would be doing this I became even more angry when I found out this guy is a Muslim man from Pakistan named Abdurrahman Mian and local livery driver. I pray to Allah I never see this cat at the masjid because I may be forced to smack the shit out of his ass and knock the curry out of his mouth. I advise other Muslims, and whatever masjid he is affiliated with, to give him advice on doing the right thing and if he doesn’t he should be boycotted at the minimum…. Maybe he can have a future as a landmine in Kashmir.

I have included his picture so you know if you see him at the masjid.


3 thoughts on “Abdurrahman Mian: Muslims, Have You Seen This Punk?

  1. thats my dad ur talking about ok yea he aitn teh best dad but i dont appreciate u tlakina botu him that way itsz nto fair to me it isnt he wasnt dere 4 her and thatsz not good and i know btu please dont say this

  2. whatever if he is your dad he had a relationship with a christian and is using nixzmarys death as a way to get money and that girl was a sweet little angel

  3. Hi Umar, I just want to say that it is very nice of you to write this article. I’m not muslim but I have many muslim friends and most of them are from pakistan. Every single muslim man I know takes good care of their families. I’m so sorry for what nixzmary went through. Its been over 7 years and I think about her almost everyday. I went to visit her grave and it doesn’t look like anyone has been there lately. if he had been in her life I’m sure this wouldn’t have happened to her. I always wonder why her parents singled her out and abused her the most. I wonder if it had anything to do with her. having a pakistani father. There were neighbors that noticed her bruises and never saved her. I wish one of them would have broken that door down and saved her life.

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