And All That

Right now I am sick as a dog and have been for a few days so I haven’t had the chance to write much. It all started Monday when I was walking with a friend to the famous Katz Deli in Manhattan and we came within an inch of being steamrolled by a Mercedes SUV. I was already feeling bad but after that started breathing heavier and coughing deeply. After we left Katz we went to the movies and I am sure that everyone at the movies was cursing me and my cough.

Night Watch is the Russian blockbuster film that smashed all box office records in Russia and is the first part of a Matrix-like trilogy about the good “others” fighting the bad “others” who are vampires. It also happens to be the stupidest movie I have ever paid to see. If this is a great Russian movie I would hate to see a bad one. Because I was upset that I spent my money on Night Watch I just decided to see another film with my friend and we watched the French film Cache.

Cache is not great, but is a lot better than Night Watch. It is about an effete French TV host who along with his wife and son are being harassed by someone sending letters and video tapes for no apparent reason. This leads the man back to his childhood where he remembers an Algerian boy named Majid that he had problems with and the two are reunited.

World Baseball Classic
I have thought about an idea such as this for a long time and am excited about these games and I am particularly interested in the Cuban and Dominican teams. The US team interests me less because I know that half of the players are not taking it serious ( which is obvious since they loss to Canada). OF course I developed an idea a couple of years ago called the World Cup of Boxing that I would also love to see but that will never happen. I have said it before and I will say it again; knowing the rules and history of baseball should be on every citizenship test.

Dominican Chic
Whatever this girls name is, and I can’t remember, she won the Spanish version of American Idol last year. She is a black Dominican with pure caramel skin and was very attractive with a nice shapely body. True to the racist nature of the Spanish media they have redid her entire look and her skin is now 5 shades lighter and has lost a ton of weight and now looks like shit. If you watch Spanish TV at times you would think you are watching Norwegian TV with all the blue eyes, fair skin and flat asses.


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