Dumb Terrorist, Ayman and UBL and Outrageous Housing Costs

If the accounts in the media are true, and University North Carolina graduate Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar in fact committed an act of terrorism by driving a rented SUV into a crowd of students then he has to be the dumbest terrorist in the world. Now I would not condone any terror attack in America for any reason and do not endorse any method of terrorism; but damn, you mean to tell me that this fool couldn’t come up with a better idea for committing a terror act than driving his car into some anonymous students? I thought there are websites out there that could teach you how to be a better terrorist or something. This fool is going to spend the rest of his life in prison not for being a terrorist but for being an idiot.

Daily News on Ayman and UBL
Every once in a while almost everyone will say something that I agree with. President Bush said some things I liked about the Dubai Ports deal and even the late Rabbi Meir Kahane drops some gems in his books. Ayman Zawahiri is quoted in the New York Daily News as saying that the Danish cartoons and the reaction are a symbol that the values of society have changed and that “Muhammad (pbuh) and Jesus (pbuh) are no longer sacred in society….and the holocaust and homosexuality are.” Now I agree with him to a point; the cultural elites who control the media and most of what we read have an utter disregard for all things sacred and religious and there is nothing they love more than disrespecting religion and religious figures. It is also true that the cultural elite have tired to make homosexuality something sacred and will try and intimidate anyone who will question homosexuality and try and blackball them ( in other words anyone who will publicly say what almost everyone believed fifty years ago before the secular elites hijacked academia and the media). In regards to the holocaust I will disagree with Zawahiri as I believe that the public cannot allow those who would openly deny factual events to get a pass.

The paper also quotes a Pakistani businessman in jail in Guantanamo Bay as saying that Usama bin Laden referred to himself as a prophet. That is something I find hard to believe and anyone familiar with Islamic akeedah, specifically the branch that bin Laden and many of his followers come from, it would be almost impossible for UBL to claim that and not get his head chopped off.

Are We Living on the Same Planet???

So yesterday I read online that a 4 bedroom home is on sale in Brooklyn for 1.6 million and it is described as a “steal” and I ask myself if I am living on the same planet as these people. Do you know what kind of monthly mortgage payments you have to pay on that? To be a 1.6 million house you have to be rich and I just cant see how that many people are making that much money. I think that most of these people buying these overpriced urban homes, which they then put a ton of money in after they buy it, have to be some kind of trust fund babies or they are juts spending all their money on their homes. That was reinforced last night on the subway as two annoying Bobos were talking about the steal they got in Brooklyn Heights. What is the steal? An apartment for $4,700 a month!!! Now I know I am not living on the same planet.


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