Clubbin, Bad Lifestyles and the Death of Imette St. Guillen

Over the weekend an attractive young woman in New York named Imette St. Guillen was kidnapped and murdered and her body was found dumped off a road in Brooklyn and police think this was done by a stranger. St. Guillen was a Boston native who attended the historical Boston Latin school and was currently attending John Jay College in New York before her death. Anytime someone it is murdered it is a tragedy and it is even more sad when someone who seemed as bright and full of life as St. Guillen was.

The tabloids have went on and one about her being a beautiful woman and she was nice looking but what are they saying? If she was ugly it was OK to whack her? The one thing that I am going to say, and no this is not insensitive and no there is never any excuse to kill someone like this, is that this whole clubbin lifestyle is not healthy. It is a wasteful, non-productive, mind-numbing, physically harmful, spiritually harmful and unfulfilling lifestyle.

Unfortunately New York is full of thousands upon thousands of clubs, much more than any other era, and every city in America has an abundance of clubs. People no longer get out of high school, college or the military and then work hard and then get married and have kids in the numbers they used to. No, they spend a decade or two acting like idiots in clubs and spending a small fortune and then when they are all washed up and look like shit they decide to get married. I know a man who is 60, and can party like a teenager, who is in a life-crisis because he cant dance and club all night anymore. So the foundation of his life, like that of many others, is going out to restaurants and finding the latest place to get some unique food, and catching the latest movie, and reading the latest book and/ or clubbin. Or just clubbin. This is a life without foundation this is a life without roots this is usually a life without any connection to the Creator or a sense of right and wrong.

When driving a cab I pick up these clubbers, for who clubbing is there life, and these are educated people from good homes who think there is nothing wrong with lying and cheating on their husbands and those they are dating. Women, who used to be the keepers of virtue in this society, are now some of the worst in this category and are emulating the men they have always chastised for bad behavior ( isn’t that what modern feminism is anyway? Setting the male as the ultimate perfect being to imitate in all ways).

The death of this young woman points out another factor; clubbing is dangerous. It is dangerous to be out late at night and intoxicated in New York or many other cities. People get killed leaving clubs all the time ( and unless they are white or at a club in a nice area or famous the media doesn’t give a shit). No matter what any feminist says, juts as a matter of common sense, it is not wise for a young woman in club clothes, who has been drinking, to roam the streets alone in the wee hours of the night. That is an extremely foolish thing to do and if the newspapers would focus on this rather than the ass of Imette St. Guillen it would be worthwhile in my opinion.


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