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A Bad DayIce Cube had an old song “Today Was a Good Day”, well yesterday day was as a bad day. I did not sleep well, the restaurant closed as I was walking to the door so I didn’t get … Continue reading

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Culture and Growing Up

When Your Age Isn’t Your Age, Growing Up Fast David Brooks in a recent New York Times column talked about the way upper middle-class parents raise their children as opposed to the way working-class parents raise their kids. In toady’s … Continue reading

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Tariq Nelson Piece on Muslims and ImmigrationIf you read nothing else today read the article of Tariq on his blog about immigration, intermarriage, the development of a white ethnicity, and the future of the Muslim community. I tend to be … Continue reading

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Immigration Rally Sen.McCain and Tom TancredoIt would be foolish not to mention that history was witnessed over the weekend with the Pro-Immigrant Rally in Lose Angeles that attracted over 500,000 people. The media and the police, both clueless to the … Continue reading

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Abdul-Rahman and the Afghan Execution for ConversionIt would be unwise and foolish for the Afghan government to execute the man named Abdul-Rahman for converting to Christianity. Do I think he made a bad choice? Yes, I do; but he should … Continue reading

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‘V" for Vendetta

‘V” for Vendetta On the recommendation of my friend Omar I went to go see “V” For Vendetta today and decided to see “The Inside Man” tomorrow ( Denzel is my favorite actor and Spike Lee one of my favorite … Continue reading

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The essays on feminism are coming but they will have to wait a few days as I am overwhelmed right now with the beginning of the new job and trying to learn things and navigate my schedule. The Criminal Underclass … Continue reading

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