Freedomland, Citgo Pressure, Iraq Violence, and Chechnya Day

Yesterday I had the opportunity to see Freedomland which is a film that featured some of my favorite actors and people from TV. The film starred Samuel L. Jackson and Jullianne Moore and also Eddie Falco from The Sopranos who I really like and a few actors from the HBO show The Wire which is, by far, the best crime drama on TV.

The film got mixed reviews and I guess the reviewers save their rave ratings for those who rape their adopted children like Woody Allen but nonetheless the critics are often wrong. Maybe if Samuel L. Jackson adopts a nine year old Thai or Rwandan girl and then marries her a few years later he will become a Hollywood darling.

Like The Wire this film was gritty and without a lot of the speacil effects or Hollywood glitz. Most of the film was dark as it dealt with a dark subject matter. The premise of the film is that Jackson with his partner are the beat detectives in the Armstrong Projects in New Jersey and a white woman, Moore, gets carjacked and her son supposedly kidnapped in the projects. Because of this a surrounding police department, for whom the victims brother is a cop, seals off the projects and doesn’t let anyone out and goes door to door for a few days which causes tensions between the residents and the police. Time goes on and stories in the story of the mentally unstable victim, who is a recovering addict, change and things take a predictable course with a few surprises along the way. Eddie Falco comes in as the head of a mothers organization that is dedicated to finding abducted children and her own child had been abducted years ago.

Perhaps because the film deals a lot with race and the racial divisions between many predominately white police departments and their communities some will be turned off. Towards the end of the film things break down in a riot and you are not left with a warm fuzzy feeling but with Jackson visiting his son in prison. Probably this is the kind of film that highlights a lot of issues that the bobos in the media don’t want to recognize exist and would rather pass on this but I recommend it.

Citgo Under Scrutiny from GOP Big Oil Buddies
The column of Juan Gonzalez today in the Daily News highlights the fact that many Republicans in congress are seeking to go after Citgo, the Venezuelan owned Houston-based oil company, for so called interference in American energy policy for offering discounted heating oil for the poor in Boston, the Bronx and other parts of the Northeast. This is being led by Congressman Joe Barton a Texas Republican with strong ties to Big Oil who seems embarrassed that while his golf course buddies are raking in record profits some nation, not ours, is offering out a hand of compassion to Americas poor and that is coming from the leadership of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

Iraq Violence
What can I say about the Iraq violence? It is inevitable that there will be civil war in Iraq and this may have just speed things up. Now I can sympathize with Iraqi Sunnis who do not want Iraq to be an extension of the Persian empire or a satellite state of Iran; but attracting religious sites it totally wrong and unacceptable. It is wrong to attack any religious houses of worship of any religion at any time and this was a despicable act.

Chechnya Day
Umm Zaid over at Sunni Sisters has reminded all of us that today is world Chechnya Day. The Chechens have suffered far far more than the Palestinians or Kashmiris but receive much less support from the Muslim community. If you are interested in helping the children of Chechnya I have a link to the Chechen Children’s Fund in my links.


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