On Cops and The Phony Port Scandal

On Cops
In response to what I have written about slain NYPD officer Eric Hernandez several cops have commented on the New York Indymedia site. They don’t seem to get the point that everyone is up to scrutiny and that is you, me and even cops…no one gets a free pass and there are no angels walking the streets. Many cops have this attitude that cops can do no wrong and feel that everyone should kiss their asses at all time. They also feel that they should be able to disrespect people and talk to them like dogs and that people should just take this with a smile on their faces.

Remember the video tape of the elderly black man being beaten in New Orleans after Katrina? Was he beaten because he was a criminal or had been committing crimes? No; he was beaten because they talked shit to him and he wouldn’t kiss their ass in return. These are not tough guys these are bullies. If they are so tough let them talk shit to people without the radio, badge and gun by themselves in the projects in the middle of the night and see what happens.

I am not anti-cop and I respect the job they do and am glad to see them around. A lot of cops are very hard working, dedicated and honest people making the community a better place to live. However, this does not change the fact that many cops are assholes, most are racists and anti-working lass ( when that is what they are themselves) and right-wingers. This translates into them treating people like shit. My own sister who has never did any drugs in her life was once old by a group of officers “come here bitch you look like you’ve been smokin crack”. So, don’t give me some shit about all police officers being angels because they are not and they would never in a million years go out to the leafy-suburbs or to the bobo areas of the city and call people names and yell at them for no reason. Respect is a two way street and if a cop respects me then I respect him and we will get along fine; and if he or she wants to be a dick then guess what? I can be a dick too and don’t need a badge and a gun as a permission slip to be a tough guy.

The Phony Port Scandal

There is a big story in the New York media right now about a company based in Dubai taking over some ports from a British firm in the area. New York One ran over and over the news bulletin that a country with terrorist ties was taking over local ports. The tabloids ran with it and the next thing you know politicians, both Democrats and Republicans are out taking a stand against the port handover as a security “risk”. On local talk radio they have got rid of all the filters and are just proclaiming that the ports are being “sold to terrorists”. Ibrahim Hooper of CAIR is in the Daily News today saying that this is nothing more than anti-Arab bias and he is right. This is a bullshit story and a non-issue. Unlike what some people are reporting the US Homeland Security, Coast Guard and Port Authority PD are going to maintain all security of the ports. The workers are sill going to be well-paid unionized American workers and there will just be new bosses and corporate interests running it. The media has been irresponsible and is attacking a company with no ties to terrorism and a nation with no ties to terrorists other than some hijackers lived there. What do Peter King, Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer want? A new federal law that says when government contracts come up NO MUSLIMS OR ARABS NEED APPLY ?


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