Flat Out Police State Racist Plan in Brooklyn

My blood is boiling once again. If you want to know why just go and read this story on a popular Brooklyn gentrification blog and it is one of the reasons I am writing a refutation to Upskis Bomb the Suburubs. If you read the story you will see that you have Fulton Mall which is a popular pedestrian mall in downtown Brooklyn that is always crowded. It has prices that regular people can afford and serves food a lot of working people eat and is doing fine financially. But for no other reason than the bobo Brownstone owners surround the area do not like the type of people shopping in the area ( they are polite latte sippin bigots) they want to revamp the mall to make it loft condos and expensive and trendy restaurants and clothing boutiques that your average Brooklynite cannot afford to shop or eat in. There are already places like this in Brooklyn and all over Manhattan and if that is what you want then go there. There is Fulton Mall and 125 St for working people and they are gunning for them both and stores like Conways put clothes on the backs of children, the poor and the elderly.

What I cannot understand is how anyone, with any social conscious or progressive mind, can say that they honestly believe this is not wrong and not racist. Stop using the polite statements, this is just flat out old racism; but this time it is being engineerd by the secular urban elite. This is not only racist action and classist action as they seek the states power in removing the poor and the people of color; this is part of the Republican takeover of the city. Of course, once again, I will tel you these same people would never Vote for Bush, but they might as well. These are phony urban liberals who are worse today than any southern redneck.

Because there is no outrage at things such as this I am learning one thing; the white elite in this country, and those who run up behind them, on the Left and the Right, must be pretty silently united on these issues.


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