Internet Cafe, Brownsille and Snow Balls

Using the Internet at an Internet Cafe can be tricky. There is one in Brooklyn that I like. It is owned by a Muslim brother, it is quiet, you can print and scan and there is a pretty good mix of people at the place and it is close to a masjid. Sometimes, such as now, I have to go to Manhattan and I stop in and use the computer at one of the big Internet Cafe places and for the most part they suck. The keyboards are filthy, the place is filled with sex perverts booking reservations to toe sucking parties and sessions in a dungeon and then you have people who are scamming or loud in the place. So when I come here, and I have been coming on and off for years, I always try and carefully select where I will sit. If I see an empty computer in between one of these Bobo men wearing a purse and three scarves around his neck chances are he is up to some cray shit and if on the other side of him there is a sweaty guy with a big grin on his face and his hand in between his pants then I know not to sit there.The best people to sit around are non-homeless females because more often than not they are online looking for a job or chatting without masturbating and not trying to seduce a nine year old online like a lot of men. About a week ago Long Island police raided a whole group of men’s homes who were online doing precisely that and it turns out that a Lieutenant Colonel in the military was arrested. The thing that made me laugh when watching the news is the detective said ” he emailed what were supposed to be photos of his body…and when we got him in custody we were able to find out that wasnt his body.” Meaning he sent the supposed kid he was trying to fuck a picture of a porn-sized dick and he wasn’t packin all that.The area that I am staying in Brooklyn is strictly African-American and Latino and one Arab Muslim family I have found. It is in Brownsville, where boxers Mike Tyson and Riddick Bowe both grew-up ( and John Gotti in an earlier generation). It is one of the most crime-ridden areas in New York City and gentrification ( thank God) has not visited yet. At night you can fall asleep to baby mama drama and gunshots and the mornings are dead-silent as everyone is sleeping.Brownsville, where I have lived before, is temporary for me. I am looking for an apartment in other places a little more quiet like somewhere in Southern Brooklyn ( Bensonhurst, Bay Ridge, Sheepshead Bay, Boro Park or Flatbush) or even the Bronx ( is is the cheapest boro and the best place to get away from the Bobos…for now).This is also not the first time I have been the only white person in a neighborhood I have lived in and this has never been a problem with me. Since I was a kid people also thought if that whiteboy is crazy enough to live around or hang around here he must be crazy or tough. That is no longer the case. When I go to Bed Stuy now to go to the masjid or to Crown Heights there is a lot of gentrification going on in those areas and a lot of Bobos and as a rule almost all Bobos are pussies. These are grown men who get mugged when the other guy has no weapon. These are grown men who let school kids beat their asses and throw snow balls at them. Why these Bobos would want to live in such a place I do not know other than that they just see themselves as old school white settlers. This creates a problem for me; because unlike the latte sippin Bobos I’m not getting mugged without a fight and I for damn sure am not going to let some kid throw a snow ball at me. In previous years this was never an issue, for the reasons earlier stated, but the other night a kid threw a snow ball at me, and missed. When I turned around to look at him the kid was shocked and I told him as I picked up a brick ” now, come on lets play this game, you throw your snowball and Ill throw the brick and lets see what happens”….the kid ran inside.


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