Gun Saves St. Louis Cabbies Life

It has been about a week but a St. Louis cab drivers life was saved after he shot a teenager with a sawed-off shotgun who was attempting to rob him. Now, this must mystify those who say that guns cannot make you safer or that no one is ever saved by guns. If the driver wouldn’t have had a gun he would have been killed; it is just that simple.

The juvenile who was killed was picked up in the Northern suburbs of St. Louis and brought back to south city where he told the driver he had to go in the house and get the money. When he came out he was with his friend and one of them had a sawed-off shotgun. Now the family was on TV talking about what a great kid their son was, but he was seconds away from blowing a drivers head off and had been involved in the Juvenile Justice system prior to that and involved in gang activities.

When I see the diver his next meal is on me and he sent a message; drivers got guns too and if you wanna fuck with us tell that crackhead bitch you call mamma you love her before you step to us because she won’t be seeing your raggedy ass again.


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