Three Films and a Message

Shit has been kind of crazy lately and I have left my apartment but am still not settled in anywhere and have some debts that I need to pay off before leaving I am missing blogging everyday and there are so many things that I would like to talk about and have thought about since I have been gone from how Muslims dress ( inspired by another blog, Avari) to the Jill Carroll kidnapping to the axis of the three Republican insiders Jack Abramoff, Grover Norquist and Ralph Reid and how that affects Muslims ( Norquist has been very close to many Muslim leaders while Reid is an Evangelical enemy of Muslims and Abramoff has a cozy relationship with Israeli-extremists). As a matter of fact while ridding in my cab I keep a notepad and wrote down things that I would like to blog about, so don’t worry, if anyone is, I will be back blogging everyday soon and I am missing reading Abu Sinan, Umm Zaid and others daily as well as reading the comments that I get. I have no computer everyday now so its kind of like a dopefeind missin his crack.

On another note a few things have caught my interest as of late. In the past week or so I have saw three films; the Albert Brooks film Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World, the horror film Hostel and the New World.

Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World deal with an interesting topic, reaching out to others via comedy and trying to find out what makes others laugh. In order to do this Brooks heads to India and Pakistan to learn what makes Muslims laugh but spends most of his time with Hindus. It is a funny film but it doesn’t really address any pertinent issues in an enlightened way or give the viewer any information about Muslims they didn’t already know. It does highlight an issue I have experience with, the seemingly lack of humor amongst many from the sub-continent or lack of any humor I can relate to, and there are some funny scenes around that. Of course if he would have went to the Arab world in a fictionalized account he would have found that Arabs as a rule love to joke and laugh. There are other funny scene of course such as Al-Jazeera pitching Brooks as show that would be called That Darn Jew. Its not a great film but it does give the viewer a few laughs.

Hostel is basically juts another dumb horror film, and it could have been great because it dealt with a topic, sex tourism and the decadent sexual desires of many in the West that is worth exploring especially after the cannibalism scandal in Germany recently. The only thing that makes Hostel different is the hundreds of naked European women one can see in the film.

The New World is a very slow paced but beautifully done film that attempts to give a realistic portrayal of the until now idealized account of the Native American princess Pocahontas and it is another film that while not great is worth seeing and is well done. I especially like the fact that the Native American characters do not speak in English and the gritty nature of both the Natives and the English is shown.

On another note, and since I am on a library computer and running out of time I do not have the time to get into it too deep right now, but I saw the guy who used to be a CIA agent who wrote books under the name of anonymous the other day on the Bill O’Reilly Show and he said bin Laden is only fighting his war the same way Americans didn’t until after WWII and have lost every war since they stopped fighting like bin Laden, interesting.


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