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Gun Saves St. Louis Cabbies Life

It has been about a week but a St. Louis cab drivers life was saved after he shot a teenager with a sawed-off shotgun who was attempting to rob him. Now, this must mystify those who say that guns cannot … Continue reading

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Three Films and a Message

Shit has been kind of crazy lately and I have left my apartment but am still not settled in anywhere and have some debts that I need to pay off before leaving I am missing blogging everyday and there are … Continue reading

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Qadr of Allah and Hajj

I felt like my grandfather the other night who used to come home from the race track (the ponies) and go on and on about how he could have won if he would have played the bet he was thinking … Continue reading

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Taqabbala Allaah Minna wa Minkum

In St. Louis we are observing Eid today and in Da Lou Eid basically is not that festive or great. So I have made lunch plans with a non-Muslim friend and will work the rest of the day after I … Continue reading

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On Being Nomadic and School

I remember seeing something on TV about the Travelers in Ireland. Now I am no expert on the Travelers but I do know that they are basically a group of people who live in Ireland and have a nomadic lifestyle … Continue reading

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How The Muslim Convert is Perceived Within the Community

Although I am normally not a great friend of the police I will begin this with a quote from the Boston Chief of Police. In response to a group of bored bobos who felt violated because they had to sit … Continue reading

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New York Stories: Boricua Girl, Yiddish Muslim and Uncle Omar

I love New York. In New York I feel alive and I feel that there are no limitations on my dreams and my achievements. In New York I can be me, and no one will look at me with that … Continue reading

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