New Years Eve Madness

I am not going to have time to write until Sunday night more than likely because I will be working like a maniac to get this money from the New Years drunks and insha’Allah I will come home with some good money over the weekend, with no one throwing up in my cab, and then I will take a few days off and go to New York. Like I said before; if you act crazy on New Years Eve you are a really like that all year round but put up a front otherwise and if you are gettin banged by half the team on New Years Eve do not balme it on the booz. Sat safe tonight everyone, the nuts will be out.


10 thoughts on “New Years Eve Madness

  1. Wow. You are so smart. How did you guess I was a jew? Thats your problem muslims. If there is an earthquake in egypt, its a jewish conspiracy. If you loose your camel, its a jewish conspiracy. What a bunch of jokers you are. I was born a muslim and now I am free and thats why I am warning you. The stupidity of human mind doesnt fail to surprize me but stupidity of musilms does surprize me. They show the signs of stupidity which are beyond even my imagination! You may think you are going to heaven but you are infact living in Al Jahiliya. Mohammad was a sick bastard and Allah knowth the best :)

  2. I hate when people have to be a pack of corporate/societal bitches year round, but on holidays they can “cut loose”. Fuck that, Do what you’re gonna do, whatever day it is, and take the consequences. If those consequences are social aprobation, boo-fuckin-hoo. As long as you’re right with your own consicence and allah, it doesn’t matter. And if you’re NOT right on that score, then “what day it is” won’t help you.

  3. As-Salaamu ‘alaikum,

    Well, spare a thought for the cabbies of London, who have to deal with not only the usual drunks of New Year’s Eve/Morning, but also those who’d normally take the Tube, but can’t because the staff are on strike … are they still on strike in NY?

  4. I bet you its that fucking flanstein pretending to be “anonymous.” Mothierfucker is clueless and full of shit at the same time. If you see the moron on the street, run his ass over.

    See thats the problem with you muslims. All you can think of is Kill, Kill, Kill. You muslims are cry babies. If you wanna fight with us fight like a man and not like a fucking hijab wearing suicide bombers. At one hand you are so happy shouting Allahu Akbar when some of your jaahil co-religionists slit the throat of an old woman(Margarate Hassan) and on the other hand you cry mass murder against you(in Palestine). You cant have it both ways. You start a war and then you cry on the reaction for your action. You would cry about the reaction but you wouldnt stop your cowardly mischievious ways to kill women and children. Cry all you want muslims the reaction will take place for all your actions. Your crimes will not go unpunished. You kill one in suicide bombing and Israel will respond with taking out your whole terrorist cell.
    Days of jehad are limited.

  6. I aint flanstein or any other jew. I am an ex-muslim who left al-jahiliya and saw the light. I left this satanic cult and its about time that you leave it too for humanity sake. BTW that hammad moron wasnt put away for “playing” paintball but for traning for terrorism.

  7. Hey anony-shithead, I’m not muslim, so try baiting someone fool. Fuck you very much, you’re that pussy Flanstein. Whats the matter? Too embarassed of using your usual name? I’m curious, what the fuck is a flanstein anyway? Why arent you in Iraq? Easy talking shit sitting thousands of miles away huh nazi bitch….

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