St. Louis Photos

I took some photos today of my favorite spot in St. Louis which is the Delmar Loop which extends from the inner suburb of University City into the City of St. Louis on Delmar. The area is kind of interesting and Delmar is the traditional dividing line of segregation in that part of St. Louis. The Loop itself is full of interesting shops, ethnic and eclectic eateries, an indie bookstore and music store as well as a theater that shows indie and foreign films. The two things I love most about the Loop are the facts that in pedestrian unfriendly St. Louis it is pedestrian friendly and that it is one of the few places in St. Louis where you can find people of different races socializing with one another. The Loop caters to everyone from the bourgeois liberal crowd to hip-hoppers and the reggae crowd. Part of the unique nature of U City and the Loop is due to its proximity to Washington University which has a diverse student population from all over the world (but a heavy concentration of New York, Boston and DC are students). Also within proximity to the Loop is the vibrant Orthodox Jewish enclave, upscale neighborhoods, African-American neighborhoods, apartments from low rent to high rent, and a growing Chinese population just a few blocks away off of Olive. A hidden gym of the Loop is the University City Library, which in my opinion, is one of the best neighborhood libraries in America. I have included a photo of myself to show all the suckas out there what I have for them if they keep messin with me…LOL


8 thoughts on “St. Louis Photos

  1. Thanks for the pictures Umar. Elizabeth, if you want the tats, I got a TON of those. Not sure I want to put pictures of them on my blog however.

  2. Umar,

    I thought you might be interested in this:

    Defence lawyers in several terrorism cases in the United States are planning to appeal against the convictions of their clients on the ground that evidence may have been garnered from illegal wiretapping by a federal government surveillance agency.

    The threat is the latest repercussion of the disclosure two weeks ago that the Bush administration had used the National Security Agency (NSA) – supposed to go after foreign targets – to conduct electronic surveillance without warrants inside the US, and against American citizens.

    Among the cases is that of Ali al-Timimi, a Muslim scholar, who is serving a life sentence for involvement with an alleged “Virginia jihad” cell, and for inciting his students to wage war overseas against the US.

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