In the Land of Milk and Honey

(From 2002)

In this land of milk and honey I was released from prison with ten bucks, a bus ticket and a redneck telling me not to come back.

In this land of milk and honey I had no roof over my head making my home the stars at night, Prospect Park, and subway cars.

In this land of milk and honey I experienced hunger sleeping in a dark room with five other men surrounding a space heater in the dead of winter. No utilities on and only cold water to throw over ourselves in buckets.

In this land of milk and honey you can be a CEO and take home fifty million and be a hard worker and not have a place to sleep.

In this land of milk and honey the rich pimp the poor everyday.

In this land of milk and honey black people still are riding at the back of the bus, except now the driver is listening to Hip Hop.

In this land of milk and honey Republicans with names like Van Brooklyn fuck their Mexican maids and then vote to throw the illegals out.

In this land of milk and honey you can work full time your entire life and die of a disease that every Canadian and European would have been treated for.

In this land of milk and honey we cannot afford to care for our old and sick but we can afford useless instruments of mass murder.

In this land of milk and honey we consume nature like an addict consumes their drug of choice.

In this land of milk and honey I am tired of the bullshit.

In this land of milk and honey my blood is boiling.

In this land of milk and honey I really don’t give a fuck anymore.

In this land of milk and honey I’m thinking about taking what’s mine.

In this land of milk and honey I am having revolutionary thoughts.

In this land of milk and honey I am headed for the suburbs.

In this land of milk and honey I see red.

In this land of milk and honey I have revenge on my mind and I walk with the spirit of the native, the mind of the Panther and the body of an avenger.

Umar ben-Ivan Lee


14 thoughts on “In the Land of Milk and Honey

  1. flanstein, i asked these questions before. you might not have seen them

    . . .im asking not out of disrespect, but just because i want to know. why do you spend so much time writing mean and hateful things on Muslim blogs? what do you hope to accomplish? what is your personal experience with “Islam” that makes you so angry at Muslims specificaly? do you practice a particular relgion or spiritual system? where do you believe you will go when you die? please let me know. can you give me a direct honest answer please? these are just questions, not a challenge. my intentions are pure

    i also would also like to know how you feel about black and latino people in general

  2. My values and standards are based on freedom – from and of – religion. Whether you’re a Mormon or a Scientologist makes no difference to me – as long as you don’t want to convert or kill me of course. I am an agnostic and when I die, I expect to go to the place from whence I came – nothingness. I am not angry at muslims – I am angry at islam for turning this flawed and imperfect world into a darker, more violent

    I think it’s important that muslims know how many of us feel towards their religion. Islam, as Muslims love to point out to us, is not really a religion but ‘a whole way of life’ from the state apparatus down to the individual defecating at home. Islam as a ‘whole way of life’, as a political, social and economic ideology has proven time and again that it is an utter failure, producing corrupt dictatorial regimes, grinding poverty, illiteracy and intellectual backwardness, misogyny, hatred of the Other, debilitating fatalism, dysfunctional individuals, institutionalized hypocrisy and nihilistic terrorists. That IS Islam.

    Up until 9/11, I was essentially ignorant about islam, aside from knowing it was one of the monotheistic religions, I had some peripheral understanding about customs (I knew not to offer to shake the hand of devout muslim women, nor to offer muslims alcohol or pork during social occasions) that was about it. I assumed that muslims were essentially like me, interested in building their family, career and nation. It wasn’t until I started reading about islam did I find out the frightening truth.

    It is not an act of hatred against Muslims to point out the depredations of jihad ideology. I believe in the equality of rights and dignity of all people, and that is why I oppose the global jihad. I simply hold up to the light the appalling things muslims say and do about non-muslims and the equally appalling things that are written in the Koran and hadiths that muslims quote as they kill innocent people. That you find the facts of your religion to be “mean and hateful” speaks volumes about it – not me.

    ”i also would also like to know how you feel about black and latino people in general”

    Since I come from a mixed race family myself, I feel the same about black and latino people as I do about everyone else – why?

  3. Bullshit! Flanstein is a nazi, theres no way a piece of shit like this speaks for non-Muslims, including myself.
    Paranoid rejcts like these only aim to incite hatred and create divisions between people. Posting the same retarded shit in every fucking post trying to be a bitch. Fuck off shithead.

  4. If it isn’t the young lad named “sharpass” – a little fellow incapable of putting together a cogent sentence without a profanity. Since he seems to oppose “the equality of rights and dignity of all people” that I espouse, methinks the “nazi” moniker fits well over his pointy little head…

  5. Aww…you cant be offended at profanity and racism…since thats what you’re all about. What the fuck is a “flanstein” anyway? Some sort of term for constipated inbred nazis?
    Grow up or fuck off.

  6. Flanstein, I would be interested to know where you “read” about Islam. I would like to suggest a good historical book for beginners: “Islam: A Thousand Years of Faith and Power” by Jonathan Bloom and Sheila Blair. It is actually the book version of a PBS series. It is an easy read and has pictures too.

    What you are calling “Islam” is really a political movement that is based on interpretations of Islam that not every Muslim agrees with.

  7. “So sayeth the defender of the Jew-haters”

    Oh no you dont motherfucker. So calling you out on your racism and bullshittery now makes one a “jew-hater” ? Since when did Nazi bitches like you fall in love with Jews anyway? You probably hate them as much as you hate Muslims.
    So whats a “flanstein” anyway? A throughly conflicted turd who trolls blogs and tries in vain to incite hatred while jacking off to posters of the Fuhrer. Do you honestly believe anyone gives a fuck what you think?
    I’ll say it again, grow up or fuck off.

  8. in regard to blacks and latinos i was really just curious.

    in regard to “mean and hateful things” its just your delivery. you can “point” things out. we arent ignorant, we are conscious believers who recognize the flaws in our community. you dont seem to recognize that. and often you give off a lot of sacarsm.

    if people already know these things and remain thinking Muslims. what can you do? are you trying to enlighten us?

    did you ever considered that maybe there is something you are missing? lots of people who depise religon come to Islam (of all faiths). many Christians, and Jews, feminists, right here in a the land of democracy. i think that there is a reason for that. and no matter what our personal beliefs are we would do good to not act like we have it all figured out.

    i guess i was asking because i wanted to know what you expect to be the fruits of your labor. and i wanted to understand your intentions

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