Aussie Skinheads, Tookie and Narnia

If you want to know what neo-Nazis are saying about the riots in Australia I will direct you to this forum. This has given them hope that they are capable of doing more than jerking off to posters of the Fuehrer. They see this as a show of force by white Aussies and a sign that whites are capable of uniting against people of color once again and driving them out of their lands.

I will say that I have always liked Australia and found Aussies to be pleasant people for the most part and I know that these racist incidents don’t represent the hearts and minds of all Aussies. What they do is give a graphic picture of the serious problems of race that exist in that society which the government doesn’t want to recognize.

It is unfortunate that some Muslims (see the comments section and Umm Zaids eloquent rebuttal), of the progressive mode, have joined in with some in the Australian media and provided some kind of justification to the rioters because the Lebanese immigrants “don’t want to integrate into society” or Lebanese men are “raping white women” and these same apologist would have been attacked and beaten and their families if they would have been on the scene. Does that sound familiar to anyone in America? Study the history of the Tulsa Riots and the Zoot Suit Riots.

Tookie Williams

I opposed the execution of Tookie Williams because I thought he could do more good to society alive than dead. He was not the co-founder of the Crips and he was no angel so I’m not really sad that he is dead, I just think that the execution was ill-advised. Why not let him live and work towards gang-truces and steering the kids away from gangs? What would that have hurt?

Narnia Film

As a child there are no books that I enjoyed more than the Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis. I am excited about the film adaptation of the first of these books and am looking forward to seeing it while knowing that the film can’t possibly match the excitement that I had as a kid in reading them and imagining for myself what the characters looked like. Because a lot of the book has a Christian undercurrent, a lot of Christian groups in America are supporting the film; and because of this, and the fact that it is a book with a moral fiber and pits good versus evil, much of the secular-elite are railing against Lewis, the books and the film while trying in vain to disguise their hatred for religion.


3 thoughts on “Aussie Skinheads, Tookie and Narnia

  1. Good comments on Tookie, I feel the same way. As to the outlook of “progressive” Muslims on the Australia issue, you need to remember these are the same people who would change their name to “Moe” instead of Mohammad and spend all of their time trying to convince everyone that Islam can be “modern” just like Judaism and Christianity in the USA.

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