Letter of Ismail Royer

Letter of Ismail Royer

Ismail is currently serving a 20 year sentence for his role in what the government refers to as the “Virginia Jihad Network”. As part of their ongoing series on Muslims in America the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has published this letter from Ismail to Jon Sawyer. In reading this letter you can see the brilliance of Ismail and witness for yourselves the tragedy of this treasure of American Islam being away from his wife, four children and the community.

I still remember the day I first met Ismail. He was a teenage punk-rock singer who walked into the Masjid with a baseball cap covering his dreads with an Arabic tattoo on his arm (reading freedom). Ismail walked up to me and said “hey man what does Islam say about revolution?” The brother next to me said “Islam is a revolution”.

The journey began from there as Ismail would take shahadah a few weeks later and we would strike up a very strong friendship. We came from different worlds; I came from a working-class world and was surrounded by thuggery and negativity in my youth and he came from upper middle-class affluence. He went to the best of schools and I went to the worst of schools and he was a punk-rocker and I was a hip-hopper. We learned a lot from one another, I know I learned a lot from him, and our friendship took us all over the country. Rabbis were interviewed, punk rock concerts gone to, cities explored and a host of other adventures. His mother would sometimes ask me if I was homeless because I spent the night so much at his home. My blue-collar grandparents found Ismail, or Randy as they called him, a little bit-odd but they always liked him and my grandmother has been very upset about his situation.

Before this ordeal, that has been painful to so many people and not just Ismail and his family, Ismail had previously worked for CAIR, MAS, and AMC and was a committed activist who was greatly beneficial to the Muslim community. His involvement in Bosnia and Kashmir, and his alliance with Muslim groups in those nations who use violence as a means of defense and possibly liberation depending on how you look at it, landed him and more than a dozen other Muslim brothers in the DC area in prison (Ismail correctly points out in his letter that only he and Ibrahim al-Hamdi had any connection to any groups and that no one ever threatened the US or were connected to groups that had any negative stance towards the US). Please make duah for Ismail and his family and all of the suffering Muslim political prisoners and their families.

Also, and I do not have the time to do it now but I will in the future, refute the viscous lie that these brothers are in prison because of Sheikh Ali al-Timimi. I will write on this topic in the future and Ill send a complimentary copy to Imam Johari.


13 thoughts on “Letter of Ismail Royer

  1. I have only heard the most positive things about this brother. May God have mercy and compassion on him and his family.

    I know that Dar al Hijrah was doing fundraisers for a long time for the families affected.

  2. Positive things? The guy was caught driving around Washington with an AK47 and hundreds of rounds of ammunition.

    He also admitted in his testimony before a federal grand jury that he fought with jihadists in Bosnia under one Abu Zubar, who had been “sent by Osama bin Laden to Bosnia.”

    Ramon Royer, Ismail’s father, having rented a room in his St. Louis-area home in 2000 to Ziyad Khaleel (also known as Ziyad Sadaqa), a student at Columbia College in Columbia, Mo. Khaleel bought the satellite phone carried to Afghanistan by Tarik Hamdi and used by Al-Qaeda for planning the two U.S. embassy bombings in East Africa in August 1998.

    Positive indeed…

    If you’d actually like a timeline of the facts on this puss-bag, then check here:


  3. Salaamat,
    Flanstein is funny:) hahaha, anyone reading Daniel Pipes for info on Muslims, is really silly, to say the least.

    I feel really sad for Royer and the others… May Allah ease their affairs. It’s so much harder when you have family and reading his letter brought tears to my eyes. It is so admirable how he is handling everything and I pray he continues being strong and patient in these times…something awesome will come out of all of this, Inshaallah.

  4. ps: I don’t know if you read your old comments..i just wrote something in your white muslim post, that i had a lil issue with.

  5. “Flanstein is funny:) hahaha, anyone reading Daniel Pipes for info on Muslims, is really silly, to say the least.”

    Refute the facts – they’re pretty straightforward. This festering boil admitted to doing these things. That so-called “moderate” muslims like yourselves support him lends creedence to my theory that ALL muslims are supporters of terror…

  6. I wonder what criteria Flanstein is using exactly.

    ‘He also admitted in his testimony before a federal grand jury that he fought with jihadists in Bosnia under one Abu Zubar, who had been “sent by Osama bin Laden to Bosnia.”‘

    Doesn’t most of the world recognize that the genocide against the Bosnians was a BAD THING?

    So isn’t going to Bosnia to help stop genocide is actually a good thing? You could say that associating with certain less than savory people is questionable, but at one point OBL was actually on the US’s payroll no?

  7. I’d say driving around DC with an AK47 and hundreds of rounds of ammo and taking training to join the talibums is plenty “unsavory”…

  8. His father ran a boarding house where a lot of Arabs stayed…so what? His dad isn’t a Muslim and voted for George Bush.

    he fought in Bosnia to stop a genocide…he should have gotten a medal not a prison sentence

    He had an AK…so what, that is legal in VA

  9. This guy sounds more like a political prisoner then a terrorist. As for fuck ass flanstein, I’m begining to think this motherfucker is mentally ill which makes sense considering that he’s a nazi bitch.

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