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New Years Eve Madness

I am not going to have time to write until Sunday night more than likely because I will be working like a maniac to get this money from the New Years drunks and insha’Allah I will come home with some … Continue reading

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Ismail, Hammad and Jerusalem

In the mood of sharing photos (blame Abu Sinan, he has got me in the mood) I am sharing a group photo I took along with Ismail Royer (click here to read more on the plight of Ismail and what … Continue reading

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St. Louis Photos

I took some photos today of my favorite spot in St. Louis which is the Delmar Loop which extends from the inner suburb of University City into the City of St. Louis on Delmar. The area is kind of interesting … Continue reading

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Conversations with My Grandparents

I encourage everyone to talk to the elders in their families as much as possible as I did last night. Not only do such talks give you a greater understanding of who you are as a person and your roots; … Continue reading

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What is Going On in Pakistan With Crazy Men Killing Their Daughters?

It seems as if a Pakistani man, from the same Pakistan as Mukhtar Mai, murdered his eldest daughter for marrying against his will and slit the throats of her three younger sisters because in the future they might do the … Continue reading

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In the Land of Milk and Honey

(From 2002) In this land of milk and honey I was released from prison with ten bucks, a bus ticket and a redneck telling me not to come back. In this land of milk and honey I had no roof … Continue reading

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Aussie Skinheads, Tookie and Narnia

If you want to know what neo-Nazis are saying about the riots in Australia I will direct you to this forum. This has given them hope that they are capable of doing more than jerking off to posters of the … Continue reading

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