Shaking Hands with the Opposite Sex

The issue of Muslim men shaking hands with women has come up several times in the media this year and twice on a show that I regularly watch. Real Time with Bill Maher is a funny show, even if the guy is anti-religion and has every so-called Muslim charlatan like Irshad Manji he can find on the show, the show is often hilarious.

Earlier this year conservative commentator Tucker Carlson was on the show and commented that Muslim men who didn’t shake hands with women are just crazy and that even if things like that have a religious foundation they should still be considered crazy. Last week Bill Maher made similar remarks in regards to the Iraqi Prime Minster Ibrahim al-Jaffrey who also refuses to shake the hands of women.

First let us state the obvious; if these were observant Jews not shaking hands with women Carlson would have said nothing. However, when it comes to Muslims, one can say anything and get away with it (Tony Snow claimed last week that girls were not in school in Iraq under Saddam when almost half of college grads were women).

Not shaking hands with the opposite sex has knowledge to it. The Islamic teaching is to “not come close to zinna” as is the hadith of the Prophet(s). Coming close to zinna means freely inter-mixing (even at the Masjid), the types of clothing we wear, touching, being alone etc.

In cultures were there are free inter-mixing today mixed with a loss of religion we can see the catastrophic consequences of the breakdown of the family which results in increased crime and poverty.

Living in America the issue of shaking hands with women is difficult. If I meet a woman for the first time and if I do not shake her hand she will feel disrespected so I often shake hands out of a sense of not wanting to seem disrespectful. Other times I just touch my heart from afar or something and sometimes you can get by with that.

Of course nowadays many people not only want to shake hands they want to hug or do that phony ass kiss on the cheeks that they do in Manhattan and Europe. If you don’t know me, don’t hung me, man or woman, and for damn sure I don’t want your lips on my body. Unfortunately I have seen these wealthy suburban Muslim families who exchange those hugs and kisses with other people’s wives outside of the Masjid. These brothers will say they are enlightened, they have graduate degrees, and they will not be tempted unlike the ignorant mortals such as myself, but they are still men after all the B.S they talk.

I will be honest, I love women, and my flesh is weak when it comes to women, so when you have this condition which most men do it is best to nip things in the bud even if it seems extreme in this day of casual hook-ups and middle-school orgies.


2 thoughts on “Shaking Hands with the Opposite Sex

  1. Good comments. We watch Maher as well. He is it almost 100% right on everything EXCEPT Islam and Muslims. He always gets it wrong there. I remember watching him make generalisations about Muslims after showing a tape of Shia beating and cutting themselves after Ashura. As if 10-15% of the Muslim world that is Shia represents all Islam, or as if even their clerics approve of such things.

    He also likes to make comments about Muslim resistance coming from the fact that the young men get no sex and then shows video clips of young men from the Middle East at protests. What he fails to realise is that more of these young men are probably getting sex than Western men their age.

    Muslim men in the Middle East tend to marry early, hence the 21 year old married Arab man in the Middle East is much more likely to be getting sex than the 21 year old American guy trolling bars. But I guess it is easier to blame the anger on lack of sex than the fact that there are legitimate reasons for people to be VERY mad.

    As to shaking hands, I shake hands with non Muslim women, like yourself, jsut to be polite. With Muslim women I never shake hands. No reason to. There is nothing that is conveyed in a handshake that I cannot convery with words.

    And yes, the double standard makes me mad. Orthodox Jews dont shake hands either, I doubt Maher would stand up and come up with some generalisation about Jews based on that. If he did, he might just be out of a job the next week.

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