Why I Hate Halloween….Sorry Ray Hanania

Hugo Chavez, Pat Robertson, Islamic scholars, Jewish authorities and
others from a wide-range of political and religious thought all have one thing
in common; they dislike Halloween. Sunni Sister in her blog highlighted this issue in a piece yesterday when she responded to Arab Christian writer Ray Hanania in which he stated that Muslims who do not let their children celebrate Halloween are anti-American, arrogant and hateful. He went on to call Halloween a Christian holiday.

Hanania sits on the board of Free Muslims Against Terrorism which is an organization founded by Kemal Nawash who is the Mr. Burns from The Simpsons look-a-like who struck out defending terrorism suspects so he tried to make his name to fame in monitoring Muslim extremists. Hanania incidentally is not even a Muslim which is interesting as he is supposedly sitting on the board and writing for a Muslim organization.

Let us examine a few things. First of all ones Americaness hopefully is not based on whether your kids trick or treat at night or you dress-up like a character from the Lord of the Rings or a Seventies Pimp and escort Wonder Woman to the club for a Halloween party. As an American we have the right to not celebrate any holiday we want and just like Orthodox Jews, Evangelical Christians and many others we may choose to not observe this holiday which has pagan roots. It is not, contrary to what Hanania said, not a Christian holiday.

On top of that Halloween ranks along with New Years Eve as one of my least favorite holidays; because of the foolishness that I see. Saturday night when I got back to St. Louis and I drove my cab until early in the morning. There were parties all over town and you could see young women in skimpy Halloween outfits and ridiculous looking guys all over the place. I saw plenty of drunk driving and almost was hit by a drunk Wash U student wielding a stick and wearing some kind of a crazy costume. On Washington Ave a friend told me it was so wild that people were having sex inside of the clubs.

On Halloween there are a lot of robberies, partially because police are busy with other things, but also because people are running the streets wearing masks. I do not let anyone wearing a mask enter my cab and I don’t care where I pick them up from and if they don’t like it they can walk or get another cab.

Like New Years Eve, people who are undercover fools find a way to act like idiots and blame it on the alcohol, and they do all kinds of stupid shit. Hugo Chavez stated that Halloween is a “symbol of the American culture of fear”. I don’t know about that but I do know it is a silly holiday but will never end because so many American parents, moms particularly, just cant get over how cute the kids look dressed up like cops and firefighters and they create another generation of those who will perpetuate the holiday.


5 thoughts on “Why I Hate Halloween….Sorry Ray Hanania

  1. Good comments. Kamal Nawash is a joke. He is nothing more than an apologist for US Islamophobes. He came to speak at Dar al Hijrah pandering for votes. This, despite telling people he doesnt pray, doesnt practice Islam, you name it.

    As for Halloween, it comes from an ancient pagan Irish belief set and is certainly NOT something any Christian who is a believer would celebrate. Catholics in the 8th century coopted this pagan holiday like many others.

    We got my infant son a costume, not because we celebrate it, just because it is cute to see a 4 month old baby dressed as Whinny the Poo!

  2. Asalam Aliakum,
    Excellent points. I was to blog about this…but you’ve covered the bases perfectly, so I dont know if I should bother now. I will link this post though
    I thought Hanania was one of the good guys, apparently he’s not, and his standup really sucks.

  3. I agree with your main point but not your conclusion. Muslims absolutely should not have to prove how “American” we are. If a cultural practice takes us away from the recognition of Tawhid and Al-Haqq, we should shun it. I also despise the acts of Muslims who pander for greater acceptance. The Qu’ran tells us to fear Allah t’ala, not the Kafr.

    That being said, I’m not sure Halloween is such a thing. It’s a secular holiday, the Pagan roots of which basicly no longer exist. I don’t even know anyone who does anything scorceous or demonic, even in jest. I agree that a lot of people use it as an excuse to act the fool, but that even happens with Eid al-fitr.

    As long as a brother or sister is fullfilling their Islamic obligations and not engaging in shirk, I think it’s a fairly harmless thing. Just my 2 cents.

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