Who Needs to Catch a Cab….and Who Doesn’t

There are a lot of people who need to catch cabs. If you have been clubbing and drinking, if you have to go to the city and haven’t mastered urban driving or you cannot parallel park, if you can no longer see, and if it is raining and you can’t drive in the rain then you need to take a cab for reasons of public safety. As a matter of fact the city should absolutely encourage this sort of thing. To this end I believe there should be DWI checkpoints outside of every nightclub and bar and sports stadium and the technology exists to do this and you wouldn’t need the checkpoints to be manned. If you have been ticketed for drunk driving in the past you should have to breathe into a machine before you get into your car and that technology also exists. As a society we do not take drunk driving seriously and you can kill entire families and not serve time. There are many reasons for this but I happen to think one of the reasons is that prosecutors and police each have high rates of alcoholism and that drinking is basically a part of their professions and they have some sympathy for the drunk drivers who may not be bad people outside of there tendency to kill children and run over old ladies after a few cold ones.

Now I will not reserve all of my anger to drunks who need to catch cabs and those who cant drive (a lot of these bad drivers can be found in SUV’s and vans but you also have a lot of urban so-called hipsters in Minis who can’t drive mainly because they don’t know where the hell they are going and couldn’t park a Mini in a spot reserved for monster truck).All these people definitely need to catch cabs.

If you don’t know how to treat the driver with respect then do your own driving. If you have to call three cab companies then don’t call any (you don’t know how these types of calls hurt us financially). If you are so drunk that you don’t remember where you live you also don’t need to call a cab; the bartender needs to call 911. If you call for a cab and then hail a cab from another company you also don’t need to catch a cab.

Last night I had some good trips. I took a group of old ladies who had been friends for sixty years from the symphony and dropped them all of at their individual homes in the Western suburbs. They are old school dire-hard symphony fans and they are a dying breed as symphonies across America are seeing dwindling attendances. The one lady told me she felt blessed to have her daughter and all of her children living near but that her friend had all of her children and grandchildren living out of town. I also picked up two newlyweds from the emergency room of a local hospital and had to drive them seventy miles ($90 bucks btw). Where they were going was a rule areas and we had a good conversation on the way but that abruptly ended when I almost hit a deer on a country road and I was paranoid the rest of the way as I thought about the stories they were telling me of deer guts and eyeballs being splattered all over the front seat of one of their vehicles.

How many uninsured drivers are there out there? I saw a wreck on North Grand at Kossuth last night and after the drivers collided they both looked at each other and then hit the gas and drove off speeding in opposite directions; it was the race of the uninsured.


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