Weed and Oral Sex in Islam and an Old School Bus Driver

A lot of American Muslim brothers and sisters who didn’t grow-up Muslims ( and some who did) had a habit in the jahiliya or during their un-Islamic periods; they liked to smoke weed, get blazed, or however you want to refer to it.

Many Muslims, even after entering Islam, have a hard time putting what the Rastafarians call the “Holy Herb” down. Because they like to get high they then make excuses as to why it is ok to get high.

“Oh akh the Quran says we should use herbs akh and weed is an herb….it is natural and comes from the earth.” That is generally how the argument goes.

At a Masjid in St. Louis I once knew a brother who would smoke weed for Suhoor. When I took a trip to Atlanta to visit some brothers I walked into the small Masjid and you would get high just standing there the smell of weed was so thick. After making two rakats of taheel tul-masjid a brother I had never met greeted me and welcomed me to Atlanta and invited me to his friend’s house across the street.

When we walked into the door the smell was even thicker than that of the Masjid and a brother with a kufi on sitting on the couch was rolling a fat joint and when I say fat I mean like one of those Cheech and Chong joints.

“Masha’Allah akh welcome to Atlanta. You wanna hit the L akh?” The brother said.

What ever happened to offering dates and baklava? A few years before some brothers in Brooklyn were smoking weed and they chastised one of the brothers for not passing the joint to the right. “The Sunnah akh, is to pass to the right.”

This reminds me of when I was in Palestine and for those of you who know the culture you will know what I am talking about. Whenever a brother pulled out a cigarette he would offer you a cigarette and in a group setting he would offer the entire group a cigarette. “Please brothers have some of this cancer I do not want it all to myself.”

For the record I think there is virtual unanimity amongst the scholars that smoking weed is haram. So if brothers and sisters smoke don’t try and Islamically justify it just recognize it as one of your weaknesses which we all have.

I once was with this Palestinian brother locked-up at the Oklahoma Federal Transfer Center and he wanted to ask me a question. He was serving as an imam for prisoners in the facility where he was doing time and I asked him what was the question that he was asked the most often by the prisoners.

“Oral sex brother….all the American brothers want to know if it is halal or haram and this is the question I get the most often.”. He said.

Now to be honest with you I thought he was lying or communicating in some sort of Arab humor that I didn’t get. That was until I started giving lectures in prison and I started getting that same question over and over again.

We are talking about mostly new Muslims here, who haven’t yet grasped the oneness of Allah and the message of the Sunnah, or even memorized the shahadah or al-Fatihah, and they wanna know if oral sex is halal or haram. Furthermore they are in prison and I couldn’t imagine any possible circumstance in prison where it would be allowed unless you married a guard which is about as likely to happen as Bush sending his daughters to Iraq.

It must have been one of those things that prior to that point I just hadn’t noticed because within a six-month period I had several brothers ask me the question so I decided to go and search for an answer. I went to the salafi brothers and they informed me that there are two different schools of thought and opinions amongst the salafi scholars; the first group says that oral sex is frowned upon, but not haram, because it is an act which mimics animals and is also in imitation of kufar. The second group says that it is completely halal because of the hadith of the Prophet (s) in which he encouraged foreplay between spouses and that these are naturally gratifying activities that will help the spouses have a better marriage and is likely to lead to the birth of more Muslims (as the Prophet (s) said “increase’) .

On a cabbie tip I had an old man in my cab tonight who told me that he had been driving tour buses for musicians for fifty years and was presently driving some girl named Ana who was playing at Wash U. He told me he started as a musician at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville and used to drive the bus for his own band and for some famous country singer named Tubbs. Since that time he has driven for Bobby Brown who he hated, Whitney Houston who said everyone hated and was worse than Bobby, Megadeath who he said are serious Christians who fly their preacher in every Monday and have Sunday school on the bus, Ricky Scaggs, Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan and others. His daughter-in-law drove Eminem on tour and she said that Eminem was a “beautiful person.” He added that most hip-hoppers don’t hire drivers because they just hire a friend to drive.


7 thoughts on “Weed and Oral Sex in Islam and an Old School Bus Driver

  1. I hear you akhi. I’m a revert myself, but yeah I hear the pro-weed nonsense all the time. Intoxication is haraam, not alochol as a substance. If alcohol as a substance is haraam, then so is bread. But drinking and smoking weed are two sides of the same coin ( I should know, I’m a former alcoholic and drug-user). Not that I put much stock in salafi scholars though…

    Anyway, cool blog. I’ll drop by time to time.

  2. I’ve never heard anyone talk about marijuana being halal before; we must move in different circles. ;) I agree that the notion of weed being halal is nonsense. These bros need some serious Islamic education.

    Regarding the oral sex question, the only real answer to give (at least according to the Shafii school) is, “It’s halal, but only with your wife.”

  3. I am with JD. I also agree that I think, to a certain extent, that you Umar run with different people and grew up with different people than I did.

  4. Asalam Aliakum,
    Nice blog, I laughed out loud when about brothers smoking weed for suhoor…sounds like a crazy Dave Chappelle skit. Anything which alters the state of the mind is haram.
    As for oral sex, I think its really unfortunate that a couple cant get intimate without degrading themselves. From a medical and Muslim perspective I find it abhorent.

  5. tHINK wHAT WE ALL MAY!I will stand by this for Head Held high with the Guidancs and Compassion of Allah,Yhat I am a convert and American and when I see how far all of the Umah is from the Sunnah,We all must try are best ,I am Recovering from a life of Narcotics and Crime and my soul was poisend by Capitalisim ,Morality,Violence,Now I am free of Herion Cocaine,Crime!!
    Marijuana has been a mild enhancement or theraputic treatment,!I know that the Study of Science and Medicine Was Encouraged,By the Prophet![PBAH],& I was Blesed with the opurtunity of see a book that is about Holistic,Herbal,And Divine treatment of illness and health by the prophet{pbah} himself INWICH THERE IS A CONFIRMATION BEYOND REFUEDIATION OF THE pROPHETS {pbah} aUTHENTICITY}!!!
    Fatigue,Depression,lethargy,ect. and my faith and excitement to be in Alahs love and Strength grown dim and this medicinal application allows me to continue the struggle but
    kick 17 Rakas Day ,Keep supplICATION of the Prophet,{PBHA} On my lips through out the day with the suras in my heart with all decisions,and now know that as long as the Fear of Allah is with me ,I have Nothing to fear!

    Allah Aqbar
    San Francisco!

  6. you guys serious about accepting oral sex with youre wife. i think its crazy that scholars preach this kind of nonses to muslims. Come one, if oral is hallal why would having sex from the backdoor be haram. Use youre brain you cant have youre wife sucking youre penis, with the mouth and tong wich she praises Allah with, and kissing here familie and children with. Foreplay okay, having sex with youre wife for ‘recreation’ purpose okay, but don’t close youre eyes for an answer thats so obvious. Look it up on the internet, if youre conscience cant do the math. I wonder if anyone ever reads this comment… Anyways much love and peace from youre brother walid, from the Netherlands

  7. I am not satisfied Brother with above mentined “Massila”. Can u provide me details (with reference from Quran and Sunnah). Thanks

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