Muslim Observer Disgraces Itself

This is a copy of my email to the Muslim Observer in response to their front page story on Barbara Olson in the October 13th editon.

Here is my response to your disgraceful article on Barbara Olson. It is a shame that your paper has the respect it does in the Muslim community and I am embarrassed to have contributed to it in the past. May Allah guide you.

I am tired of hearing conspiracy theories from Muslims. We have real problems and in order to deal with these real problems our minds must be firmly rooted in what is real and not in some fantasy world of crazed conspiracies.

Nine Arab leaders are not secretly Jews, ten Jews in New York don’t secretly run the world, Sharon doesn’t bark orders to Bush, and there is no grand conspiracy behind 9-11. Problems in the Muslim World, and in particular the Arab World, are usually ignored and if they are dealt it is common that conspiracy theories will be proffered in order to escape the blame for the problem or the existence of a harsh reality.

Muslims sought to distance themselves from 9-11. It would have been enough to say that I am a Muslim and am opposed to 9-11 on religious and ethical grounds. Instead of dealing with the situation in this mature manner many Muslims have decided to deal with the problem in a childish and ridiculous manner by concocting out of thin air conspiracy theories.

Now I expect this from many of the rags in the Arab World whose writers don’t know the difference between serious journalism and fantasy writing.  Sadly I was wrong as I read in the latest edition of the Muslim Observer, a leading American-Muslim publication, that 9-11 victim and former conservative activist Barbara Olson was found and arrested in Italy with a small fortune. Perhaps the Muslim Observer can now join forces with Lyndon Larouche and promote his conspiracies of the British Queen and join Louis Farrakhan on the Mother Ship.


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