"Ragheads Dead", City Hall, Subway Bombings and Lil Kim

“Ragheads Dead”

I picked up two middle-aged white guys from the casino last night and brought them to a downtown hotel. The one guy asked me if I was listening to the news and when I said yes he asked me if I “ knew how many ragheads were dead in that earthquake”, seconds later he turned to his friend and said “I’m glad they are dead and I hope bin laden is dead along with the rest of them.”

For the record around 30,000 have been declared dead in the earthquake on both the Pakistani and Indian sides of the border. Let us all pray for them this Ramadan and do what we can to help. I have been pleased by the stories of individual Pakistanis donating and organizing local relief efforts and coming to the region by the van load. This is refreshing in a region where many look to the government for everything.

Going to City Hall

If I make it, and do not oversleep, I plan to go to a hearing at City Hall on whether or not our Masjid can put a sign up in the front yard. One of the things that is irritating about city life is the undemocratic and overreaching power of these cliquish neighborhood organizations. They apparently have nothing better to do than tell people what kind of signs they should have and what color their doors should be. There will be more written on this topic as we find out more. One thing we do know is that some of our neighbors in the McKinley Heights neighborhood have made their voices known that they are not happy with a Muslim house of worship in their midst.

Lil Kim and A Rock Video

“Put Your Lighters Up” the new video from the incarcerated female Brooklyn MC Lil Kim is growing on me. I’ve never seen Kim look this good, my man Zab Judah (Welterweight Champion of the World) is in the video, and it shows some of my favorite spots in BK. If you are making millions like Kim and Fox, then why do you need to beef and go to jail? Hopefully she can learn a thing or two and like Suge Knight and Pac before her I will send her dawah material and May Allah guide her. A video that is not one of my favorites is one by a rock band whose name I have forgotten which shows a kids Golden Glove match and the dad of the boxer fighting in Iraq and tries to make some kind of correlation; have these guys spent any time outside of the coffee shops and oxygen bars?

Subway Bombings

Now that the subway threat is over, and it is apparently a hoax, maybe we will not have to see twenty NYPD officers surrounding a can of Pepsi at Grand Central on the news for half an hour any more. We know it happened in Madrid and London but why would anyone blow-up a subway? Yes it is an easy target because it is difficult to secure and because people are packed in so tightly that even a small explosion can lead to great casualties, but still. The subway in New York is full of mostly immigrants, Latinos and African-Americans; people that are not calling any shots in this government and not the people who are fighting Muslims. Even the trains that are full of Yuppies, Bobos, and the cultural elite like the L, 1 and 9 often have a lot of poor people and minorities (and Muslims) on them as well as people with no general animus towards the Muslim Ummah.


2 thoughts on “"Ragheads Dead", City Hall, Subway Bombings and Lil Kim

  1. Assalamu Alaikum.

    I think that the suicide bombers don’t really care if they kill Muslims or other innocents, because when they blow up embassies, etc, the vast majority of the victims are often innocent (or at least, non-Western). So I don’t think I agree with you, “Why would anybody blow up a subway.” It is only extremely rare that suicide bombing overwhelming target non-innocents (such as the US Marine Barracks bombing in Beirut, 1983, killing 243 US servicemen). But for the most part, the suicide bombings have been indiscriminate, without any regard to how many innocent Egyptians or Iraqis are slaughtered in the process.

    But I do agree with your main point, the heightened security is meaningless, and cannot solve the problem. You cannot indefinitely defend against such hatred, so the solution would be to remove the cause of the hatred; change our foreign policy in the Middle East and elsewhere.

    I really enjoy your blog, keep up the good work. Jazakallahu khayr.


  2. Yeah, I had some Polish lady bang on about Arabs and Muslims until I said “I guess this is where I tell you I am a Muslim, and I am married to an Arab.”

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