Stand on This

I am standin on this as we would say on the street. Meaning I am standin on this deen; I am not giving in an inch and I will not be cowered by anyone from practicing my deen. The true believer is not afraid of F-16’s or the alphabet boys. We stand on truth. The day after 9-11, when I was getting calls that Muslims were being harassed I out on a thobe and kufi and walked to the local Target store in Delray Beach, FL. I wanted to send the message that I am here and Muslim no matter of you like it or not. That is the attitude I want my fellow believers to have. Stand on Quran and Sunnah and at the same time one can stand against the terrorism of 9-11 in NYC, 7-7 in London and the terrorism of the American occupation of Iraq.

Fear is a sign of hypocrisy; you worship who you fear. The only deserving one of your fear is Allah; the Muslim male is not a post-modernist she-male who sees cowardice as not being a moral flaw. Unfortunately we have too many cowardly Muslims who are afraid to stand on this deen or as Brother Abu Hudayfa from the Bronx calls them “religious punks”


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