7-11, Ramadan Thoughts and PPV

I just had a bad argument with a cashier at 7-11 who was angry that I gave him too many small bills in order to get my $555 money order. That was a bad experience but I called the 7-11 complaint line and I had a better experience; it least it feels like it helped….will I eat the dates I bought for this Ramadan? How man Masjids will I pray Taraweeh at this year (tonight will make two Masjids in two nights)? Will I be free this Ramadan or will I have to pray Eid in the joint along with the rest of the Muslims? Will I get someone to split the cost of the Corrales-Castillo PPV with me? These are the thoughts and questions I have on my mind as Ramadan begins.

Ramadan Goal: Read the entire Quran in Arabic and English during this month.


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