Classism in the Muslim Community

One issue that has bugged me for years is the amount of class bias in the Muslim community. You go to the Masjid in America and it is ran by doctors and millionaires who may not even be religious but they want a status symbol so they get on the shura. It also angers me that many Muslims do not seek knowledge for the sake of knowledge, rather they get a degree to solely make the following statement; “ masha’Allah I am engineer brother…or…masha’Allah I am BHD.” They don’t know that I could care less what kind of a degree you have or what your job is (and I don’t give a damn who your father is); I want to know what kind of person you are. Having said that, I have been criticized by some Muslims for driving a taxi. Even though I choose to and want to drive a taxi because I like they job they say it is not prestigious and they say this because they come from the backwards mentality of much of the Muslim World where it is a shame to work for anyone else and the labor of workers is not respected and those are two major reasons for the economic backwardness of the Muslim world. Also, in the Muslim World there is a stifling of the individual in many places so people don’t follow their dreams they follow the dreams of their parents and they waste their potential and creative spirit.


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