Why I Love Driving a Taxi

On some days I hate driving a taxi. That is usually because the business is slow, the weather is bad and the trips are few and far between. When driving a taxi one gets to see all that society has to offer, just take last night; my trips included pick-ups from a Latino nightclub, African-American nightclub, several yuppie nightclubs, a wealthy wedding, a baseball game, a casino, college students on campus, a business trip and a run to White Castle.

Two trips that particularly stand out are a very ill older woman on a respirator who with her daughter was going to a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game with her daughter. She said that she hadn’t been to a game in eight years but wanted to go one more time before Busch stadium was closed ( today is the last regular season game at Busch). She said she hoped to go to a game and to take her daughter to New York for a visit once before she died and I was able to give her some advice on her trip to NYC. It is at times like that when driving a taxi is a joy. I went on to get a very nice family from Pittsburgh whose son attends St. Louis University and they told me how they admired the St. Louis architecture and of how both cities were dealing with some of the same problems in their efforts to redevelop and the mother mentioned that possible-models should be Minneapolis and Louisville.

Nice people; but then you get a drunk guy from New Zealand who doesn’t know where the hell he wants to go and have to get him in the cab before a young thug tries to jump in the cab without paying and a drunk American from San Francisco who has more ride than he has money.

St. Louis had a busy weekend; the last regular season weekend at Busch Stadium, a Joyce Meyer convention at the convention center, Taste of St. Louis, Loop in Motion, a wide variety of live music and all that good stuff.

Of course a brother needs weekends like this when he has to hustle up on the rent money and to keep the lights on.


2 thoughts on “Why I Love Driving a Taxi

  1. I’m thinking of becominig a cabbie after 10 years of administrative work…good decision?? I have a college degree and I’m working on my Master’s.

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