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Why I Hate Halloween….Sorry Ray Hanania

Hugo Chavez, Pat Robertson, Islamic scholars, Jewish authorities andothers from a wide-range of political and religious thought all have one thingin common; they dislike Halloween. Sunni Sister in her blog highlighted this issue in a piece yesterday when she responded … Continue reading

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The Execution of Marlin Gray and Thoughts on the Death Penalty

I have problems with the pro-death penalty and the anti-death penalty crowds. Those who support the death penalty as a deterrent to crime tend to not want to admit that the system can be wrong at times and has executed … Continue reading

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Iftar on Campus…Ushpizin

I fell ill with my asthma in VA and had a lot to do so I have had a delay in my postings. It was nice to see so many brothers I hadn’t seen in so long and I also … Continue reading

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The Role of Islamic Activism in America

Islamic activism is nothing new in America. Since the 1950’s activists from the Muslim World began moving to the US. During the 1990’s a well-organized Muslim activist structure was formed and American-Muslims for the first time began to have a … Continue reading

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Blog of the Week and Our Masjid in the News

Jihad of Umar has been selected by the Riverfront Times, the local St. Louis alternative weekly (equivalent to the Village Voice or City Paper in STL) as the blog of the week. Below is the story of some of the … Continue reading

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Getting on the Slimdog, ACC, and Indie Book Stores

Man I have caught the Greyhound at least a hundred times. Everything that can possibly happen on the Greyhound has happened to me and I have seen it all. For those of you unfamiliar with the Greyhound, which I have … Continue reading

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Different Kinds of Iftar at Different Masjids

I have made iftar at many different Masjids over the years in many different cities. The crowds that you see at the various Masjids differs depending on what kind of a Masjid you are at. For sake of simplicity I … Continue reading

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