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No Muslim Terrorist Threat in America

Sometimes you have a conversation with someone and you can’t think of the right responses to their words until after you have already parted and then you cannot wait to see them again so that you can say what you … Continue reading

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Christians and Others Seek to Exploit Kurdish Nationalism

“I had a dream and in that dream the last great enemy to exist on earth to Christ is Islam and in that dream God used the Kurds to destroy his one last enemy”. These are the words of a … Continue reading

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What is a Muslim?

Over the last several months various movements that are attempting to show a new face to Islam have been featured prominently in American media outlets. Some of those faces are less than sincere and are the obvious spawn of those … Continue reading

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American Muslim Outlook on Britain

It is very tough for Americans, Muslims or Non-Muslims, to understand the situation of Muslims in Britain unless they have spent an extended amount of time in Britain. In America there are only about seven million Muslims out of a … Continue reading

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Katrina Through the Eyes of a Muslim

Americans for long have had a false sense of security. American children are raised to believe that we are living in an island of civilization amongst an uncivilized world. You are told that everything American is naturally better and all … Continue reading

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