Fiqh of Jihad

The Muslims of today we live in grave and serious times. We are besieged on all sided with people, inside and outside the Muslim community, who seek to attack our way of life and our ummah. Because of this many young Muslims have rallied to the call of jihad and are seeking to protect the ummah and they should be rewarded for this Insh’Allah.

However the situation that Muslims now find ourselves in does not mean that we are entitled to a new shariah. Jihad, like anything in Islam, is regulated by rules that are based on Quran and Sunnah. Therefore we must operate within the parameters that Allah has given us.

Recently in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq those who claim to be fighting in the path of jihad have began bombing Masjids. The Masjids have been targets because of their imams, pro-American slant or their Shia. None of these reasons justify bombing a Masjid. If the Imam in Afghanistan is guilty of a crime should the brother who live din the neighborhood and went to pray been blown up for that crime? Under any rationale the killing of those coming to pray is murder and is punishable under shariah by death. This was not an act of jihad but was the act of lunacy by a Muslims (or Muslims) with either an ignorance of Islamic Fiqh or a mental illness.


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