Muslims Are Too Obsessed With Jews

I pain for the suffering Muslims (and others) in Palestine and I support their cause, as it is just, as much as anyone. There cause is just, the Palestinians need sovereignty over their own land, the refugees need to be dealt with in a just manner and the Kalima should fly over the Haraam ash-Sharieff.

Recognizing the victimhood of Palestinians however does not mean that I see Jewish plots in a bowl of Cheerios. It also does not mean that I cannot be critical to some of the methods of the Palestinian resistance or the general feelings in the Muslim World towards the situation.

Over the years, in my opinion, Muslims have adopted some of the classical European anti-Jewish rhetoric. Because of the frustration of Muslims over the issues of Palestine Muslims are so full of rage and a feeling of helplessness and act and speak out of frustration.

This only adds fuel to the fire to the enemies of Islam and the enemies of the Palestinian people. Our cause, and the cause of the Palestinians, is very different, and morally superior, to the phobias of Western anti-Jewish thought.

This is not to say that Muslims do not have very real enemies in the Jewish community because we do. Particularly in America there are Jewish groups and leaders that have an almost pathological hatred towards Muslims and refuse to engage in any constructive dialogue with Muslims.

However there are a number of Jewish organizations in America, and individual Jews, who have worked hard to find common ground with Muslims and if we sit in dialogues with Christians and others there is no logical reason not to sit with these Jewish groups.

In order to do this though we have to live in the real world and not some anti-Jewish fantasy land. For example, if there is a new brother at the Masjid and is skin is white do not think he has been sent by the Mossad to measure your level of incompetence. Nine Arab leaders aren’t secretly Jews, Jews do not drink Gentile blood or eat babies, and Sharon doesn’t bark orders to Bush.

The reality of the matter is that American-Jews do have a very powerful lobby here and as a group they are highly successful and have a lot of influence in American society and in many other nations. But they are humans, just like us, and sometimes they are right and sometimes they are wrong and some times they will be victorious and sometimes they will be defeated.

To the extent that these Jewish groups work in America against Palestinian interests, the Sudan, Muslim countries in general and the organized Muslim community in America they should be fought with all the energy we have and we should work to defeat them on those issues.

There are other issues such as hate-crimes legislation, rights of religious-minorities in this country, and the treatment of the poor, children and the elderly were Muslims and Jews in this country can work together on these issues.


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