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Why I Am Still An American

Many Americans who are in my situation and particularly Muslims often feel embarrassed to call themselves American or outright do not think of themselves as Americans. To dissociate myself from America is very tempting indeed. Culturally, politically, socially and religiously … Continue reading

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Fiqh of Jihad

The Muslims of today we live in grave and serious times. We are besieged on all sided with people, inside and outside the Muslim community, who seek to attack our way of life and our ummah. Because of this many … Continue reading

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Refutation of So-Called Aryan Muslim

Suhaib Jobst: Aryan Nation Figure and So-Called “Aryan” Muslim The Aryan Nations is a white-supremacist and neo-Nazi organization that has its roots in the Church of Jesus Christ-Christian founded by the late Richard Butler. The group has distinguished itself from … Continue reading

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The Real Problem in Britain

It is very tough for Americans, Muslims or Non-Muslims, to understand the situation of Muslims in Britain unless they have spent an extended amount of time in Britain. In America there are only about seven million Muslims out of a … Continue reading

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Young Muslims: Do Not Throw Yourselves Into Destruction

I am writing this in response to the suffering of many American-Muslims. Allah has told the believers to “not commit oppression of yourself”. Muslims are suffering all over the world at this time and occupation forces control many Muslim lands; … Continue reading

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Muslims Are Too Obsessed With Jews

I pain for the suffering Muslims (and others) in Palestine and I support their cause, as it is just, as much as anyone. There cause is just, the Palestinians need sovereignty over their own land, the refugees need to be … Continue reading

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