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Perspective: I Am Blessed While Many Suffer

Last night it snowed in St. Louis and in the wee hours of the morning the snow became mixed with ice. As I got ready to leave the house to take my wife to the OBGYN clinic the streets were … Continue reading

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Chance to Get Some Good Deeds and Cover Your Sins

Let us remember that we are all Muslims and the ultimate goal for all of us it to go to Paradise. In order to do this we will need good deeds on Judgment Day or Allah has promised that we … Continue reading

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Question on Welfare to a Scholar

1.  Is it permissible for a muslimah who is on welfare to keep her husband’s income secret from the welfare department, for fear that she would no longer be eligible for welfare? As for the question placed above by the brother, I … Continue reading

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How the Bush Years Began For Me and How The Obama Years Will Begin

Eight years ago on inauguration day I was not in the best of places. I woke up early and was kind of nervous. I got up, took a shower, prayed, and then went to a room where a TV was … Continue reading

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Obama The New President, America Far From Post-Racial: A Drive Down MLK

This Tuesday, the day after the national observance of the Martin Luther King holiday, Barack Hussein Obama, an African-American, will be inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States of America making him the most powerful man in the … Continue reading

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The Wrestler and Some Thoughts on Wrestling

I want to thank one of my favorite film directors, Darren Aronsky of Pi (the mathematical sign not what you eat or desire) fame, for making a serious film, The Wrestler,  about a very serious American cultural phenomena and that … Continue reading

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American Exceptionalism

I had the chance to listen to Godfrey Hodgson; author of The Myth of American Exceptionalism, be interviewed on the Diane Rehm Show on NPR. The British author reminded me of a lot of the mythical ideas that most provincial … Continue reading

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Slumdog Millionaire: Jamal, Take That Girl to the Clinic Please

I saw a bootleg version of Slumdog Millionaire. I definitely give it a thumbs up. The cinematography was great, it was well-written, and brilliantly acted. If viewers are inclined to learn via film Slumdog also can be educational because it … Continue reading

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If Obama is Serious About Justice He Will Do More Than Close Gitmo

Good,  Obama is ordering the gulag at Gitmo to be closed. My next question is will he order the Justice Department to take a fresh look at the political prosecutions of Muslims in America? There are two facilities in America … Continue reading

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Umar Lee Challenges Joe The Plumber to a Fight

Joe the Plumber is now headed to Gaza as a war correspondent for the conservative, anti-Muslim, pro-Israeli website Pajamas TV. I challenge Joe to a fight, we can either do boxing or MMA. If I win the proceeds go to … Continue reading

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Barack Obama and the Message of Gaza

Studies have shown that more than 80% of American-Muslims (including myself) voted for Barack Obama in the presidential election. It is also known that the Palestinian issue is one of the most important issues to a lot of Muslim voters … Continue reading

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