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A Muslim Sister’s Encounter with the DC Police and a Call for Support

AsSalamuAlaykum, below you will find the email that was sent to two attorneys regarding my wife ( this letter is from brother Sulayman and it is not my wife but his) and the way that she was treated while in the … Continue reading

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Muslim Bank Robber in Niqaab, “Latino” Political Correctness on Cinco De Mayo, and If You Wanna Be Broke

If you are a Muslim writer Philly is the gift that keeps on giving. In the latest episode of Muslim madness in Philly it seems as if some guys have allegedly dressed up in niqaab  robbed a bank killing  police … Continue reading

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Millions of Americans on a Sunday in May

Millions will attend church with their families and be filled with a good feeling…millions more will be indoctrinated by merchants of hate like Rod Pasrsley, John Hagee, and Pat Robertson and leave their churches with a new found commitment towards … Continue reading

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A Bogus Allegation, Insincere Email and a Quran School Burns

Just a couple of hours ago I was forwarded this email below from the discredited hate-monger David Gaubatz . Yes, the same Gaubatz that Tariq Nelson and I caught in a fake conversion at the Dar al Hijrah Masjid and … Continue reading

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