A Muslim Sister’s Encounter with the DC Police and a Call for Support

AsSalamuAlaykum, below you will find the email that was sent to two attorneys regarding my wife ( this letter is from brother Sulayman and it is not my wife but his) and the way that she was treated while in the custody of the Washington DC Metropolitan Police.

I’m sending this email to you all because on May 14th the PSA (Police Service Area) 607 will be having their monthly meeting. We are asking that we all attend this meeting in full representation of the Muslim Community. We have to show the powers that be that we have a voice and situations like this will not be tolerated. In the SE part of Washington DC you not only have more Hispanics and Caucasians but you are now seeing more Muslims and our Police Department needs to be more culturally sensitive and aware that we are all not the same and therefore shouldn’t be treated as such. Especially when they have special police units that cater to the Gay http://www.gllu.org/ and Asian, Pacific Islander Communities http://apia.dc.gov/apia/cwp/view,A,3,Q,525689.asp

The Prophet SALLALLAHOU ALAYHI WASALLAM advised us to change any situation with our hands, then with our voice, and then at least abhor it in our hearts. With this being said let’s begin to make a change in the system so that the next sister, be it you or someone else will not have to go through this same ordeal. Let them see us and let them hear how we feel about this situation.

InShaAllah please attend this meeting and if you can’t forward this request to a brother and/or sister that can. Lastly, but not least make Du’a for us and if you have any questions and/or concerns please feel free to contact me.

Meeting Details:

PSA 607 Monthly meeting

When: May 14th, 2008 @ 7:00pm

Where: Sixth District Substation
2701 Pennsylvania Ave., SE
Washington, DC 20019
Phone: (202) 698-2088

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Muslim Bank Robber in Niqaab, “Latino” Political Correctness on Cinco De Mayo, and If You Wanna Be Broke

If you are a Muslim writer Philly is the gift that keeps on giving. In the latest episode of Muslim madness in Philly it seems as if some guys have allegedly dressed up in niqaab  robbed a bank killing  police officer Sgt. Steven Liczbinski  in the aftermath while one was killed by a cop (and apparently they are all Muslim). Of course their idea is not unique I have heard brothers talking about such a thing for years but these guys finally did it. Local Muslim leaders interviewed, including those at the Germantown Masjid, are outraged that robbers would hide behind niqaab and have fully condemned this.


The City of Philly is now hot and officers are turning the city upside down and harassing Muslim brothers looking for the last suspect who is still at large. So, if I were a young black Muslim male in Philly, I would be real careful when I get pulled over ( See this). We know how the police act when one of their own gets killed and we know how the media blows the case up and makes the dead officer look like Mother Teresa (even if he was more like Al Capone with a badge and of course no such coverage is given to those who are killed by police) so we all need to be careful about what we do and how we do it so that it does not bring harm upon our families and the community.

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Millions of Americans on a Sunday in May

Millions will attend church with their families and be filled with a good feeling…millions more will be indoctrinated by merchants of hate like Rod Pasrsley, John Hagee, and Pat Robertson and leave their churches with a new found commitment towards the hatred of Muslims.


Millions will wake up and watch the Sunday morning talk shows to get the latest news on the presidential election…millions more are so sick of hearing the names Clinton and Obama that they would rather watch I Love Lucy reruns


Millions will read books on their day off and fill themselves with knowledge…millions more will go to bed at night still thinking Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright are secret Muslims.  


Millions of children will go and see their grandparents and receive that love only grandparents can give…many millions more of American seniors will spend another lonely day in warehouses for the old far away from their families in this nation of “family values”.


Millions of self-righteous American women will look down at the Muslim World as a bastion for the oppression of women…millions of American women will wake up in shelters, in misery and soar from the legalized abduction of life in their womb.


Millions of Americans will gorge themselves at restaurants across the land even leaving half the plate to be thrown away…millions in America will go to bed hungry.


Millions of Americans have their veterinarian on speed dial and will call them at the first sniffle from their favorite little beast…Millions of Americans will die slowly from diseases they never knew they had.


Millions of Americans will go about their day thinking their people represent the only real Americans…millions more will go about their day forging the new American reality.


Allah Bless America

Allah Bless the Ummah

A Bogus Allegation, Insincere Email and a Quran School Burns

Just a couple of hours ago I was forwarded this email below from the discredited hate-monger David Gaubatz . Yes, the same Gaubatz that Tariq Nelson and I caught in a fake conversion at the Dar al Hijrah Masjid and yes the same Gaubatz who believes Islam should be made illegal in America and that conversion to Islam should be punishable to up to 20 years in prison and yes the same Gaubatz who still defends slavery and Jim Crow while claiming to have found WMD’s in Iraq.  In this episode  Gaubatz claims he found a “manual” instructing Muslims to commit terrorist attacks in America and kill Olympians at the Halalco Islamic bookstore and supermarket in Falls Church, VA. Now, we all know that this is pure fiction and if such a manual does exist it is more then likely forged by Gaubatz himself.


Normally I would ignore such a thing as it is so absurd and Gaubatz is a minor figure with very little credibility outside of the right-wing fringe in which he trolls. However, as I have just gotten word that a Quran school in Northern Virginia was burned and it was possibly arson, I am reminded that all of those hate-mongering and scapegoating Muslims are creating a cycle ends in violence against our community. It is incitement. Below is the email sent to the editors of the Muslim Link;

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