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Why New York Loves John Duddy

This is piece of mine on Irish boxer John Duddy from Eastsideboxing

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How To Know if You are a Rhodesian

Rhodesians are a segment of the Globo population. Globos are urban yuppies who are the victors in globalization and have come to the cities and replaced the poor, union-workers and working-class in general who are the losers in globalization. It … Continue reading

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An HIV Story: A Brother from the Hood Marries the Immigrant Girl

Anyone who has spent a lot of time amongst singles in the American-Muslim community, particularly in diverse masjids, will know that there is often a hostility from the parents of immigrant girls when they want to marry an African-American Muslim … Continue reading

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Agonizing Days at the UN and American Hypocrisy and Arrogance

He wasn’t quite the devil, but maybe he did have a little sulfur dust emanating from him as he spewed his venom towards the world like a corrupt small town Texas sheriff who has come to town to lay the … Continue reading

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Get Wired: The Best Show in American TV History

This show is the best written show in the history of television and is so real and so gritty and so true to its message that many cannot stomach it and retreat to the safer pastures of shows like Weeds … Continue reading

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Say you apologize for calling us violent or we will set your houses of worship ablaze and make you pay in blood. Say we liberated you, accept the fact of your liberation from the bondage of one of your won … Continue reading

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Pope Benedict XVI Angers Muslims Then Apologizes

Earlier this week the Pope said some things that angered Muslims such as hen he quoted Byzantine Emperor Manuel II Paleologus who said: “Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil … Continue reading

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Bush Throwing a Tantrum

I am listening to a press conference given by a very testy, and less than confidant, but still bullheaded President Bush. He seems to be angry about the fact that the Senate, including Republicans Senators, believe that there is still … Continue reading

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Ottoman Ghosts

How did the Ottoman Empire go from the leaders of the world to being the “Sick Man of Europe” while under the enlightened leadership and and the blind following of their religious establishment. If these leaders were so great – … Continue reading

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Tupac Shukur after 10 years

Yesterday, I had limited time on the computer, and I had wanted to post something on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the death of Tupac Shukur, but did not get a chance. In short, I was a big … Continue reading

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I Voted for Tasini and Review of Film "Obsession"

In the New York Democratic Primary for US Senate I voted for John Tasini. I couldn’t bring myself to vote for the cold and calculating Hillary who wants to have her cake and eat it too on Iraq. I know … Continue reading

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Some Reasons Why I Don’t Believe 9-11 Was a Conspiracy

Here are a few reasons, in brief, why I do not believe that 9-11 was a conspiracy; – This administration is like the F Troop of American administrations. They cannot do anything right, and haven’t been able to keep that … Continue reading

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I was meaning to get up early and write this morning, but I was out late making money all night and had to walk home and that took like an hour, so I was tired. I woke up and turned … Continue reading

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Rules for not getting banned from a Masjid

A good friend of mine (who is an African-American) called this morning telling me about an embarassing incident at an overwhelmingly immigrant masjid where another African American Muslim was acting out, started cursing and threatening the masjid administration because he … Continue reading

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Walking from Queens to Brooklyn With My Thoughts

I went for a long walk the other night at about two in the morning. I started out in the Maspeth section of Queens and ended up in the Williamsburg neighborhood in Brooklyn. I walked for blocks and blocks along … Continue reading

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