When a 12 Year old Girl is a Sex Object and a Statement on Seattle Shooting

A brother called me yesterday and said he needed to talk to me in a hurry and it was an emergency. Honestly I did not take him serious and thought he was bullshitting, but when I got to his house I found out that he was dead serious. His 12 year old granddaughter has a new fan and he is a 40 year old Indian Muslim who likes to giver her hugs and apparently came up to her wanting to giver her a hug the other day with a big hard-on and tried to rub his hardened curried-kabob on the young girl.

This happened while the brother was out of town and he wanted to discuss the matter with me before anything was done. The girl is a white girl who has just become Muslim (and I guess the brother’s hard-on was like a welcome card or something) and she is a cute little girl, but she is just that, a little girl. My reaction was simple; there is nothing to think about, lets confront him and whoop his ass. The other brother wanted to be more diplomatic and ended up just talking to him.

The point is this; while in America most of us see these young girls as kids there are many from Muslim countries, and many Americans as well, who see these young girls as fresh young sex objects. Therefore, it would be prudent if we can keep our girls away from dangerous situations where they will be alone with brothers. In Islam after a girl reaches puberty she is physically a woman and you have a lot of brothers from Muslim countries who are virgins, have not been laid in years, or are unattacted to their wives and they often have a hard time controlling themselves in the environment with all of this flesh around on the streets.

Reaction to Seattle Shooting

Does this qualify as a condemnation? This is the text of an email I got from a Muslim leader whose name I am withholding;

News reports indicate that a person broke through security at the Jewish Federation headquarters in Seattle and opened fire on July 28. Six persons were shot in the incident, of whom one was fatal. The shooter called 9.11 to turn himself in.
The way the authorities have handled the matter raises doubts about the rights of Muslims in this country. The government, without proper investigation, declared it a hate crime and announced the name of the shooter, Naveed Afzal Haq, and put it out on the media that he is a U.S. citizen of Pakistani descent. The Jewish persons in the target area declared that he had spoken of his anger against the crimes Israel is committing. The authorities took this statement as true and put it out on the media from coast to coast. Then, the authorities announced that security was being enhanced at mosques [correctly masjids] and synagogues.
This is certainly not the lawful way of doing things. All alleged assailants are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Shootings for many reasons are not uncommon in the U.S. It is possible that blatant Jewish-American support for Israel’s slaughter of Lebanese women and children led to the incident. However, there is no proof of such intent and no court hearing has been held.
In the murder of Cosby’s son, the murderer was a Ukrainian Jew. This fact was withheld from the public for a very long time, and even when it was uncovered, it was a quickly covered up again. Evidently, the authorities wanted Black and Jewish communities to be at peace with each other. In the COLUMBINE SCHOOL SHOOTINGS, there were indications that one of the shooters was Jewish but this was not made a subject of discussion on TV.
Are Muslims, and Pakistani-Muslims in particular, SECOND CLASS CITIZENS of the U.S. that when a Pakistani is allegedly the shooter, the authorities and the media combine to carry out a publicity campaign? What happens if the unnecessary publicity leads to attacks on mosques [masjids]? Why should a Seattle story be nationally publicized?
Muslims in this country have been treated very harshly. One Pakistani American was sentenced to prison for a NINETY YEARS term because he visited an anti-India camp in Pakistan. It is time for the authorities to realize that this process of oppression is counter-productive. If a person has done something, he ALONE should be tried through due process. The entire Muslim community and Pakistani community should not have to assume its responsibility [like the bootlicker organizations CAIR and MPAC have done] and have to apologize for and condemn the criminal act. How many Jews have we heard apologizing for the slaughter of innocents in Lebanon and Palestine by Jewish Israeli terror group IDF?
We are for the process of law through the accepted norms of this country. We condemn all “trials” carried out through the media with the connivance of the authorities.

Where is the rage over Chechnya, or Congo, or Somalia, or Angola where far more have died than have died in Lebanon?

From the Masjid to Shooting Six Jews

Yesterday a Muslim man left jummah in Seattle and shortly thereafter went to the offices of the Jewish federation in Seattle and shot six women, killing one. I have no doubt that all of the major Muslim organizations will condemn this act, and most already have, but is condemning enough?

Today I opened my email box and found emails and action alerts on a variety of issues, and any time on important event happens in Palestine I will receive an email within hours; but I had no email from any Muslim organization today announcing their displeasure at this incident. Now I have no doubt that Muslim leaders in America frown on this kind of action, I do doubt their commitment to reigning in the rabid anti-Jewish rhetoric in the Muslim community.

It is not enough to condemn such a cowardly act as occurred yesterday; we have to condemn the fiery rhetoric aimed toward Jews and Israel in our masjids and amongst many leaders. I will never say that Muslims, or anyone else, does not have the right to criticize Israel and lobby against Israel, that is the American political process; what I will say is that in many American masjids, and amongst groups of Muslims, the suicide bombers of Palestine are lionized, and an anti-Israeli feeling morphs itself into something resembling classical European Christian anti-Semitism.

When Muslims receive emails everyday touting anti-Jewish conspiracy theories, European writings rewritten for a Muslim audience, and our given the same thing at the masjid, then can anyone be surprised that someone can say to himself “hey, if the guy who blows up a pizzeria in Israel is a hero and my imam told me he is a shahid, then why cant I become a hero and a shahid by shooting up a group of Jewish women?”

Will the Muslim community step up the plate? Or will the victims be blamed and the shooter apologized for? I am also not that concerned with the communiqués of Muslim organizations. What I a more concerned with is the dialogue that is happening within the community on a grassroots level.

From the masjid to shooting six Jews, wonder what he heard at the masjid? A message of peace and love?

Tariq Nelson has also wrote on this issue today

Can Mr. Smith Get to Washington Anymore?

Last night I had the opportunity to see the premier of the film Can Mr. Smith Get to Washington Anymore? At the Tivoli Theater in St. Louis. This film follows Jeff Smith, a progressive Democratic candidate for congress in 2004 as he tried to win the Democratic nomination for the congressional seat held by Dick Gephardt for 24 years ( and Lenora K. Sullivan for more than two decades before him) .

There were ten candidates in the field to replace Gephardt; but in the end it came down to two men and they were Jeff Smith and Russ Carnahan and the two men could not have been anymore dissimilar.

Smith ran as a progressive populist and was the first white candidate in Srt. Louis that I know of, ever, to make racial reconciliation a center-piece of his campaign. He had never held political office before and was a 29 year old teacher at Washington University in St. Louis. He began his campaign with no money and only a handful of volunteers and ran an issues-oriented campaign based on his support for universal single-payer health-care, a strong commitment to public education and racial justice.

The real story with Smith was his bio however; he grew up in the affluent suburbs the son of a basketball fanatic who wanted him to be an NBA player. The problem for Jeff was that his dad was 5”6 and his mom 5”2; but that did not stop his father from sending him to play for all-black teams in North St. Louis as a kid. As a kid the young Jeff remarked to his father “Dad why do the houses in the neighborhoods down here look like this?”

Basketball was an important tool in the Smith campaign as he would go to North St. Louis and play basketball in the streets with African-Americans and hold events at rec centers. If you have not lived in St. Louis maybe you do not understand how major this is. There is really only one political issue in St. Louis and that is race. The issues of policing, education, housing and the like are all racial issues (not solely class-issues as those on the white-left would have you believe). White candidates have a power base in white areas and black candidates in black areas. There are two political parties in St. Louis, the white dems and the black dems, and they fight like cats and dogs. If African-American voters support a white candidate , as has happened in the past, it is almost always the case that they are being encouraged to vote for a white politician who has cut a backroom deal with some leaders of the elders of the black political machine and Clergy Coalition. Never has a serious white politician came into the black community with a passionate commitment to the issues of the community and then went back to white audiences to talk about race as Smith did.

The Smith campaign became a strong grassroots campaign of the likes St. Louis has never seen. Smith was able to attract a sea of young volunteers and he personally called thousands of voters on his cell phone and door knocked at dozens of homes in the district everyday. A friend of mine voted for Smith because he called him and discussed issues with him at length. My sister voted for Smith because he knocked on her door and made a good impression on her. There are many other stories like that.

While Smith represented something new for St. Louis Russ Carnahan very much represented something old. He had money, the support of the Democratic machine, his father was the former Missouri Governor, his mother a former Senator (who got her seat because her husband died in a plane crash before the election but still managed to beat John Ashcroft), his grandfather a Congressman, and his sister an elected official. Carnahan was the machine guy who had the apparatus behind him and other factors, such as sympathy at the untimely death of his father and brother, going for him.

Politically Carnahan represented the kind of Democratic mush we see out of Hillary Clinton; conviction by polls, commitment to nothing, and caution. However, many at the time, including myself at one point, thought that as painfully bland as he was he might have been the guy who could carry the entire district that extended into rural areas.

In the end the idealism of Smith was hit by a sober dose of reality. Despite campaigning tirelessly in the black community he was not able to throw around the kind of money to black leaders like Carnahan and the machine and he lost the endorsement of the St. Louis American to Carnahan and money won the day. Sylvester Brown, Jr. of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch pointed out that the black political establishment is based on their relationship to the white establishment and that black leaders are reluctant to take a gamble on an outsider. More simply put; the job of the black machine is to extract money and jobs from the white machine, the good of the community be dammed, and if you don’t have any money to line their pockets with then you don’t have shit comin.

Eventually Smith lost by less than two points to Carnahan in a race he was supposed to not have even been a factor and it was his grassroots effort and idealism that made the race close.

After going to teach at Dartmouth for a year Smith is back in St. Louis running for State Senate and his main opposition is an African-American Muslim woman named Yaphet el-Amin. Smith also has close Muslim friends, Muslim volunteers, and has a good record on Muslim issues. I have met el-Amin, and have met her father many times, and I would like to support a Muslim. However, I have not seen el-Amin articulate any vision and her message basically is “I’m black, vote for me”. This was highlighted in a recent press release were she referred to Smith as a “known Caucasian”. Smith is heading a campaign for “One City” and el-Amin is practicing good old fashioned St. Louis racial politics. The choice should be clear.

The film is will be showing at art house theaters in Washington, DC and Boston soon and I definitely recommend it.

What a Night

Sometimes when you are driving a cab things just get worse and worse as the night moves along. Of course there are other days when nothing seems to go wrong and your night is filled with pleasant passengers with whom it is a pleasure to meet and the money stacks up nicely ( everyday is payday when you are driving). Last night was one of those bad nights.

I had spent the day with a friend running him around on different errands before actually starting to work at night and I only got three trips last night (I wasn’t trying that hard anyway and didn’t feel like working too hard on a slow night and enjoyed the company of my friend).

My first passenger was a real downer; I mean I don’t know what could have happened to get anyone with a heart and soul more down. I pulled up to Children’s Hospital and picked-up a mother, teenage daughter, and a six year old boy hooked-up to a breathing machine and took them to the Ronald McDonald House. The boy was a cute little skinny kid from the South and was in St. Louis awaiting a lung transplant. He was supposed to get operated on that night and get new lungs; but apparently the lungs that he was supposed to get died as they were being shipped to St. Louis.

I have no problem picking up passengers from gay bars and nightclubs, and I get along fine with my gay passengers when we treat each other with respect. There are a few gay passengers who are some of my favorite people to pick up and I look forward to riding with them; this guy wasn’t one of them.

The guy kept on touching my back and saying that he knew me from some club and I had to turn around and say “ muthafucka you don’t know me and I aint been in no fuckin club” and that cut the conversation short as I delivered him to another club.

I went to see a friend of mine at Maryland House in the CWE and ending up sitting for a while and shooting the shit with an eclectic group of an Israeli, Palestinian, Tunisian, Mauritanian, Mexicana, a Swiss woman a Russian woman, an Irishman, and an African-American singer. Driving off I decided that I would take another fare and that was the big mistake.

The next passenger I picked up at the Hi-Pointe Café (next to the movie theater and home to some good hip-hop shows). I noticed that when I pulled up that there was a fight between a white man and several black people but I could see what was happening What I did see is that the white man was heading for my cab and he got in and said with a perfect Irish brogue said “I need a bottle man, where can I get a bottle?” The gentleman had already had a few bottles (too many) I could tell and I didn’t want to see him drinking anymore but I decided that I would take him to the Pin-Up Bowl on Delmar to get another drink as he requested.

On the way driving up Skinker he began yelling “I hit those two fucking black cunts… I gave them a fucking southpaw…I am the fighting Irish….I fought the niggers in the Bronx and Ill fight them here… I was a boxer in Ireland” anyway, you guys get the point (he won’t be getting an NAACP Image Award any time soon).

When we pulled up to the Pin-up Bowl I could see a large group of well-dressed black men standing outside and my Irish passenger was yelling “ Ill fight the black niggers” and I turned to him and said “ maybe it is better that you get that bottle somewhere else”.

I took him to the Schnucks (a large supermarket) on Lindell and a bottle couldn’t be bought because it was too late and he said “Ill just have to steal it” and I told him” no you don’t have to do that because I have an after-hours connection where I can get you a bottle” and I was true to my word, if not my deen, and got him the bottle just so he would shut the fuck up (which he didn’t). (He also wanted to bet me 20 bucks about his chances of beating up both security guards and I declined).

Driving on Kingshighway towards Highway 40 I pulled up next to a black man at the light and he was driving a car with spinning rims, a loud system, and some kind of a pimped-out paint and interior job. My Irishman just could not leave it alone and yelled out of the window “that’s a nice car, did you steal it?”

On the highway things calmed down and he told us stories of Ireland and his life in London, his hatred of the British, his love of the IRA and his mother. His philosophy on women was espoused “when you love a woman you have to treat her good; but you have to let these dirty fucking whores know who the man is”. Next he began calling friends and reciting poetry and telling them of his friendship and the calls included calls to Ireland and he asked people to check up on his mother. Then he got poetic with one friend who told he was lucky to have a friend like him, and that they both traveled the lonesome road, and said “a man only has three things in this world and those are his word, fresh air, and opportunity and without that he is dead”.

Shortly thereafter my night came to an end, alhamdudilah.

Cabbin in the Storm

We got a very small taste of what the people of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast went through on Wednesday night when heavy winds and a severe thunder storm rampaged through the heart of St. Louis at night.

I do not normally watch the weather, and I did not on that day, but as I was driving down the industrial Hall Street towards downtown St. Louis , I noticed the sky across the Mississippi River in Illinois had blackened and minute by minute the winds were getting heavier. By the time I got to North Broadway dust was flying through the air, my big Crown Vic was swerving, tree limbs were flying through the street, construction cones were hitting cars, and to make things worse as I pulled up to Lacledes Landing it appeared that materials from a construction site (possibly from the new extension of the President Casino) were flying through the air and doing damage to vehicles.

My job was to go to the Embassy Suites Hotel and pick up an employee and take her home to a street directly behind St. Louis University Hospital on Grand. She instructed me to drive down the Riverfront (Lenora K. Sullivan Dr.) and take it to Chouteau to Grand. Driving down the Riverfront all I could think about is that I wished I still kept a camera in my cab because the river looked like an ocean as it violently beat against the banks and its currents were growing more and more rapid. A steady stream of people were filing out of the casino and the tour boat (and good for them because a building would later collapse on the Eads Bridge and the Casino Queen, on the other side of the river, would sustain damage).

I had Chouteau all to myself but when I approached the intersection with Grand the traffic light had been blown to the pavement and the signal , which was still a live wire, was swinging through the street and I narrowly avoided it. After dropping the lady off I figured I would take some time off and let the weather clam down and went into the Carpenter Branch of the St. Louis Public Library; but the electric was going on and off. When I left the library the rains were hitting the streets hard and now all traffic signals had stopped working (which didn’t stop a lot of guys driving around with booming systems from speeding through the streets in the rain) and half of the streets were impassable because large trees or utility polls had collapsed in the street.

The radio was busy and I picked up a disabled lady from the Old Post Office downtown and took her home to the projects on the Near North Side and I picked up two doctors who I had to take to The Hill to get some Italian food. The problem in the Hill was that it had no power, and I saw several vehicles which had polls or trees on top of them and a lot of polls and trees were leaning halfway at this point and I didn’t want to be under them when they fell. It was hard to find a place that was still open but I managed to get them to Favazzas and then get the hell out of the Hill.

Heading to the Central West End (a trendy upscale neighborhood) the lights were out and many of the streets were impassable as huge trees had fell all along Lindell and in the exclusive neighborhood off of Lake. Another problem also began to emerge; I needed gas and all of the gas stations were closed. This became very problematic as Lambert International Airport was evacuated because the roof of the building was torn off and landed in the highway. So I sat the rest of the night at Maryland House in the CWE with friends and tried to not think about all the money I was missing.

Thursday was hot as hell, the heat-factor over 100 and 100% humidity, and hundreds of thousands (including family members of mine and many Muslims) were without power and this became a health-concern for the elderly. The city, county, and private agencies began to set-up cooling centers for those without electricity and they quickly filled up or the power went out in them so people were forced to go further and further outside of the city. This led many people to rent hotel and motel rooms and by last night there were no vacancies anywhere and people coming in from out of town were sleeping at bus stations, train stations and the airport. My company was giving free rides for people to get to cooling centers and I took several people to cooling centers.

There is also another story. Last night I picked up a young women from Children’s Hospital who had been visiting her sick son. I had to take her to a neighborhood ( off Cherokee) which is bad and dangerous under any circumstances and it was completely without electricity and gangs of youths were roaming the streets with flashlights, sticks, and Allah knows what else. As I was dropping her off several youths approached the cab but I drive off before they got to me; but just a few blocks away I saw a group of young men busting out the window of an SUV, I guess that was their plan to get AC. Mayor Francis Slay is predicted a few more days with no AC, and weekends in St. Louis in the summer are already known for their violence, so I am just bracing and tying my camel as I drive this weekend Insha’Allah.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch story and photo gallery.

Hammad, Lebanon, and a Gun

I have recently received a letter from imprisoned American-Muslim Hammad Abdur-Raheem in response to a letter I had written him about his plans for release. Hammad is a native of the DC-area, and a veteran of the United States Army who served in the first Gulf War. He is an African-American brother married to a Moroccan sister and has two children and before his incarceration he was an engineer for Verizon. Hammad was well-known and well-liked at the Dar al Hijrah masjid in Virginia and he was always known as a very charitable brother who would help those in need. Unfortunately he was arrested in connection with the Virginian 11 Paintball case and, unlike most of the other brothers, Hammad took the case to trial based on the weak evidence along with Seifullah Chapman (a white-American brother) and Masud Khan; Chapman was sentenced to 65 years, Khan to life and Hammad to 9 years (his sentence was later reduced to 6 years). While he is doing his time his family is living in Falls Church, VA.

Before he was arrested Hammad was studying the Indonesian language and took a great interest in the largest Muslim community in the world. Therefore I thought it was a good idea to send him an Indonesian dictionary and some other Indonesian books so that he could continue his studies while he is incarcerated. Apparently this has caused a controversy with some in the prison administration and law-enforcement who probably cant understand why anyone would want to learn a second language, think it is a societal obligation to drive a truck, are unaware that stores exist other than Wal-Mart, are eating adventurous when they combine ketchup and mustard on their hot dogs, drink fine beer when they get a Michelob and only need their passports when they are in the military.

The prison confiscated his books because they said that none of the administration can read Indonesian and don’t know if he is “reading something radial or not” (and I am sure half of these guys consider the Washington Post to be a radical publication). Hammad pointed out to me that there are prisoners who receive publications and letters in Wuluf, Ibo, Portuguese, Russian and a variety of other languages that no on else on the administration speaks, so why single him out? If they feel there is a threat from someone who has been a model prisoner then why not send the books to someone who can read Indonesian who can then clear them? Or does that make too much sense for them?

Hammad intends to fight this via the process that has been given for federal prisoners to do so. He has asked me to help him find a lawyer or someone in the ACLU and I would like to, but I am so swamped for time that it would be nice if someone with a little more free time could volunteer to commit some time to this case Insha’Allah. Anyone interested should contact me Insha’Allah.

Hammad Abdur-Raheem 46814-083
P.O. BOX 90043

ACLU of Virginia
530 East Main Street, Suite 310
Richmond, VA 23219
Phone: 804.644.8022 Fax: 804-649.2733

Israel and Lebanon

Listening to NPR yesterday all I could think about was the Lebanese girl that had ridden on the bus with me; how was she going to get back to Lebanon as the airport has been bombed? How is anyone in Lebanon going to be able to conduct business as usual when they are being told that they are going to be bombed back “generations”? The vast majority of Lebanese live outside of Lebanon, and this Israeli attack will lead to a further migration of Lebanese and will increase the Shia majority as Sunnis and Christians make up the bulk of those leaving. So we have another in a long series of tragedies for the Lebanese people (a state that will never be able to succeed in my opinion and needs to be integrated into Syria).

However, this is not the end of the story; Hizbollah fought to force Israel out of its self-imposed buffer zone in Lebanon and they succeeded and they had a legitimate cause to fight Israel at that point. Now is a different story, Israel is no longer in Lebanon, but it seems that Hizbollah is begging for Israel to return by launching missiles into Haifa and kidnapping soldiers, at which point Israel has no choice but to respond. Israel has a right to respond, but in my opinion much of their attack is misguided; attack Hizbollah that is legit, but why the non-military civilian targets in Lebanon? What does that achieve? Also, why Lebanon? The government has no power, so of Israel wants to put pressure on anyone they should do air strikes on Damascus and its corrupt and miserable Alawi dictatorship. This also apples to Hamas in Gaza, of they are logical ( which is doubtul), how can they claim that the kidnapping of the soldier has produced any net gain to the Palestinian people? Would they not be better off working to develop the land in Gaza that has already been liberated?

Che, Dreds, and A Gun

I’m in line at the St. Louis County police station to get my background check and what do I see? A big muscular black man with dreds and a Che t-shirt in line to get his permit to carry a concealed weapon; not what those in scared suburbs and rural Missouri had in mind when they passed the concealed carry law.

Few Notes from the Gateway to the West

I have been traveling over the last few days and am in St. Louis right now. Today I was walking in Clayton, the seat of St. Louis County, and saying to myself why is everyone walking so slow and then I remembered where I was. That’s just the way it is in Da Lou; slow-walking, cashiers that take ages, bad parkers, fat women waiting at bus stops, half the people dressing like they get their clothes from the stuff the Goodwill throws away, and the obsession with St. Louis Cardinals baseball fills the air.

Of course there are good things to Da Lou as well and the city is feeling good about itself these days and kind of walking with a swagger because of all of the construction and economic development going on. I got this sense last night as I sat with a group of friends in the Central West End and talked about escorting St. Louis cuisine to New York; toasted ravioli, gooey butter cake, Ted Drew’s Frozen Custard, and St. Louis-style pizza.

The ride here on the Greyhound wasn’t that bad. There were no fights on the bus and only a few people were getting high at the bus stops. A Lebanese women sat behind me, who is visiting the US for a month from Beirut ( she was born in Sierra Leone) and an Italian guy from Jersey, who had never heard of Lebanon and asked her of she was “Afghanistanian”, seduced her by the time the bus got to Ohio ( who said guys only settle for dummies).

Two Notes;
For anyone who hasn’t read the piece of Abu Sinan today on white Muslims, a Muslim sports association and the like I encourage you to do so.

I will say it; I am glad that Zidane head- butted that bastard and I am glad that he did not apologize and like he said “I am a man first”. I am just upset he did not kick him in his mouth once he took that phony fall.

White Masjid Comment

This is a comment I got in response to my White Masjid piece and my commentary;

I was going to apologize for putting my 2 cents in as an interloper, but on re-reading I changed my mind. I think I got more offended the second time I read it through.As for your response to my comment; whereas I did not take personal stabs, you did. You made broad sweeping assumptions about me on the basis of a 7 line comment.PC? “PC” is PC unless you are referring to a personal computer. Salsa is something you eat with tortilla chips. I am probably old enough to be your mother. I am not a liberal grad student, I am an underpaid, undereducated blue collar worker. You know absolutely nothing about me, yet you assume you do (based on your demographics, no doubt).

PC means politically correct for those who do not know which means the notion that there is an elitist speech-police out there who tells us what we can and cannot say. Salsa music is a musicl genre popular in Cuba and Puerto Rico and in places like NYC, Boston, and Miami.

Intimating that a white masjid would be run by males, who by virtue of the color of their skin, are panty whipped (“The imam will be an employee of the female dominated shura.”) and bordering on the effeminate (“In his khutbah he often references things such as butterflies, rainbows and waterfalls …”). Have you no shame? “The masjid will have sports teams for the youth but they will all be non-contact and low-risk sports and helmets and padding will be required for bike riding on masjid premises.” I guess you think white males (or whites, in general) are sissies. I dare you to call one that to his face (don’t pick on one less than your size, that just makes you a bully).

I confess, I do believe that most white men in this society are pussy-whipped and have been emasculated and I believe that women now run most white households, Muslim and non-Muslim. There are statistically not a lot of white kids in boxing, football and contact sports outside of wrestling, so that is what you would have in the masjid. Soccer in America is largely a sport for kids whose mothers are scared of football. I also think, that outside of the issue of emasculation, a lot of white Muslims feel close to nature in kind of a new age way.

“The masjid will host community events such as neighborhood association meetings, Red Cross events, fundraisers, interfaith events and self-help seminars.” Perhaps if all masajid did some of this stuff, maybe the Muslims wouldn’t be posting jokes insulting other Muslims (because they’d know better). But instead we have Imams who write little books on how to beat one’s wife in such a way that she won’t show bruises.

I actually agree with you on this point.

“There will be a Muslim therapist on staff.” Yes, because most white folks are in need of therapy, right? Or is it Muslims who are in need of therapy?

The issue is that white society in general sees a validity in therapy, and in particularly the educated white-collar group; I myself do not at all. I think the masjid will reflect this mentality.

Each separate item that was listed on it’s own means very little, but when they are combined, the overall tone is derisive. It seems you have some resentments towards white folks. You wouldn’t be the only one. From a few (not all!) of the other comments, I’d say you are in like company. It seems you distrust, and fear, what white people will do with Islam, how it’ll be corrupted. Your points say that flat out. Perhaps you should have titled your post “The White Emasculation of the Masjid”.You seem to have forgotten that even though you might even be permitted to consider a white person as a kaffir, jahil, or whatever you choose to think of him or her, once that person takes the shahadah, he or she is due the same respect you accord any other Muslim. Do you treat all Muslims this way, or just white Muslims? What’s your opinion of Nuh Keller? Hamza Yusuf? Abdul Hakim Murad? Yusuf Estes? Yusuf Islam?Inaya 06.23.06 – 11:12 pm

As you can see the commenter has painted me as an anti-white bigot who believes white Muslims are kufar; only one problem with that, I am a white Muslim. My comments are not based on any disdain for all white Muslims, but I wrote this piece thinking of the specific backgrounds of most white Muslims; most seem to be Sufi oriented, from politically “progressive” backgrounds, and white-collar, so their masjids would reflect their lifestyles. Let us also remember this was written as a joke. BTW, I happen to like Yusuf Estes and Yusuf Islam and other white Muslims such as Salim Morgan, Ismail Royer, Ibrahim Hooper, Suhaib Webb, Seifullah Chapman and others.

You can go to this link of pictures of me if you have any doubt.

Black Communities Views on Islam

Tariq Nelson has a piece on his blog questioning if black hostility towards Islam is growing and it is a very good article with some interesting responses. My gut reaction to the question he has posed is to say yes; but that the hostility towards Muslims from blacks is still much less than that of whites and this is for a few main reasons;

-There is a fairly large African-American Muslim population and this means that some Muslims will have influence in the black community. In the State of Missouri for example you have an African-American Muslim woman named Yaphet el-Amin who is a State Representative now running for State Senate. She was elected by a district that is overwhelmingly black and Christian and I do not think she would have been elected by white voters.

- African-Americans often identify with the underdog and those opposing America. Since 9-11 I have had a number of non-Muslim African-Americans come up to me and tell me that they admire Usama bin Laden. In the words of a man I met in Southeast DC UBL is a “bad muthafucka”. I black co-worker of mine came to work elated at the Hamas victory in Palestinian elections. Many African-Americans fully identify themselves as Americans, and many do not, and those who do not more than likely have a positive feeling towards Muslims abroad. I can remember Onion Horton, a popular black talk-show host in St. Louis, who is an atheist, praising Ayatollah Khomeini because he agreed with him that America is the Great Satatn. The vast majority of Americans, outside of the far-left and the far white-right, unanimously look at international Islam as something that makes them uneasy at a minimum and something to destroy at the far end.

- The “others” issue. American-Muslims, being a part of “the others” in America are looked at with sympathy or solidarity by many black people who see American-Muslims as a people that are being wronged by the white man. African-American leaders and American-Muslim leaders, who pre 9-11 cared very little for one another, now are making common cause.

Then there is the flip side of the coin,

- The black church, with a lot of funding from white Evangelical organizations, has taken off the gloves in their attack on Muslims after having lost some of the brightest young African-American Muslim men to the Masjid for decades. The black church sees Islam as a threat and now they feel they must actively confront this threat.

- Immigrant Muslims, particularly Arabs, can be found in black neighborhoods throughout the US operating bodegas (selling beer, lottery tickets and pork), liquor stores, and other bushiness catering to the black community. They are seen as outside forces who come in and make money in the day and take the money out of the community at night and do not respect the people. THey are called by many blacks “the new Jews”.

Then there is the issue of the crime, fraud and bad behavior coming out of many of these stores. For decades these stores have been known as a place to get bad meat, stolen goods and any other ill item for sell. You can often find neighborhood drug-dealers standing outside the store selling drugs as the owners turn a blind eye. The owners and workers are often engaging in food stamp fraud and other crimes and it gets worse. In St. Louis a Yemeni black beauty supply store owner was arrested for trading his merchandise for sexual favors from young girls (he was caught on tape) and this is nothing new. There was a Lebanese Muslim pimp operating out of one store years ago who kept a couch in the basement that he would rent out for young teenagers looking for a place to have sex ( and he often made the girls service him first). It has also been common practice over the years that storeowners will trade oral sex from black women (and Latinas in NYC) for meat and groceries. Needless to say they are not good ambassadors for Islam and when people who look and pray like them want to start a masjid in the neighborhood, and those are the only Muslims the neighborhood knows, the neighbors will not be happy.

Muslim Future of Europe
I do not have time to respond to this, but I agree with the writer of this article in all ways but one; I am happy about the prospect of a Muslim Europe. If Europeans do not want to have children and work hard then they will die off and a vibrant people will be willing to take their place. European cultural decadence and feminism is leading to the end of Europe, it is more destructive than the armies of Hitler and Stalin combined, and if Muslims do not fall prey to the same cultural decadence that is killing Europe than Islam will inherit Europe.

Superman No Longer an American?
I am kind of upset that Superman no longer stands for “truth, justice and the American way” and we now have some PC Superman that is fit for a global audience. Maybe in the next Superman flick he wont be able to fight the bad guys without a UN Resolution.

Mexican Vote Fraud Allegations; Gore V. Bush on Steroids?
This is some interesting information about the vote fraud allegations in the Mexican elections. This is something we should keep an eye on; because it could spill across the border.

Road to Guantanamo

The road to GTMO starts with a young Pakistani man in England discussing with his mother the prospects of him going to Pakistan to get married. The small crowd that is in the Angelika Film Center in Manhattan has probable never heard of anyone thinking about going overseas and fetching spouse but the scenario is familiar to me and one I even considered. Leaving American-Muslims alone there are a lot of grown-children of immigrant Muslims who go back home to get married and they are usually in a strong position to get whatever it is that they are seeking because of the fact that they live in the West.

The theatre I am in, which can seat several hundred, only has a handful of people in it; a father and daughter couple, a young Asian woman, a sissified looking Metrosexual (maybe there should be an H in place of the M, and me). The place was very quiet except for the sniffles and hisses coming from the father and daughter at any sign of American soldieries and the treatment of the prisoners; but I chalk that up to just a couple of guilty white Jewish liberals in Manhattan who would extol the virtues of reparations while their home was being robbed, or they were being raped, by a gang of black men.

The premise of the film, based on the story of the four young British Muslims, is that the friends accompany the guy who is getting married (I forgot his name). Two are of Pakistani heritage and two are Bengali. Like many Western Muslims families the mother or the father is living in the West and the other half is living back home for whatever reason and the guy who is getting married is being aided by his father.

If you believe the young men they ended up at a Masjid in Pakistan where an imam gave a talk about the ills of the invasion of Afghanistan by US forces and were inspired to go to Afghanistan to see for themselves what was happening and see of they could help the people in any way. From Pakistan they journey to Afghanistan in a bus that gets involved in a hit and run accident and the driver runs off and they get ill in Afghanistan eating insect infested food. This part I believe because I know first hand you have to be very careful about what you eat in these countries and hit and run drivers are everywhere.

The story they tell is that they get to Afghanistan and don’t know what to do and decide to take a van back to Pakistan; but end up heading for the Taliban stronghold of Kanduz where the Northern Alliance forces are waging their last assault on Taliban holdouts with US air support.

For the record I do not buy their story; but I am sure that all of the naïve and gullible liberals and Muslims will have no problems accepting their line of bullshit. I do not know what happened, but I do not buy their story. If I am guessing I say that these were just some young Muslims who wanted to adventure into Afghanistan and see what was going on and more than likely they ended up fighting alongside Taliban forces. That is a much more likely story then they one they told. However, it is highly doubtful that they were connected to al-Qadea and they certainly were not threat to the United States. Like most of their fellow prisoners at GTMO they were either harmless foot soldiers or just guilty of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

One of the guys gets lost but the rest end up surrendering with Taliban fighters to the forces of the vile warlord and US (and former Soviet) ally Rashid Dostrum. They are treated poorly and many die while incarcerated in a crowded prison; but I doubt the Taliban treated their prisoners any better and we know that they treated many much worse. Dostrum is the biggest animal in Afghanistan, and the US should have never allied with him; but many may lose sight of the fact that what they are seeing in the film is the norm for prisons in that part of the world.

Once it is found out that the men speak English they are given to a US military interrogator and that is where the fun begins. They are yelled at, cussed at, and beaten by US soldiers and systematically tortured once they are held at the Khandahar Air Base. With all of the Support Our Troops stickers we are led to believe in America that all US troops are heroes and we have to support them and I say bullshit to that. We all know that there are plenty of assholes in the military and law-enforcement and that many of these people are arrogant, racists, and like to bully others. A lot of these guys are rural backwoods hicks who need a uniform and a gun to be a tough guy but are quiet as church mice when they are back home. They get off at being able to beat people and talk to them crazy and a lot of times they take that behavior home and smack around the wife and kids and that is why divorce and spousal abuse rates are so high in the military and law-enforcement. A lot of these guys are also on steroids which is the new drug of choice in the military and steroids is a famous drug for pussies who need to bulk up in order to cover their fear but the bigger they are the harder they fall and there are no muscles that are going to protect their chin from a nice left-hook.

The rest of the story is generally well-known; the orange suits and shackles and the flight to Cuba, being put in stress positions, the Quran being disrespected, asshole integrators without a third-grade education on Islam and Muslims, and the like. The interrogators have been given a tough job, given their ignorance and the fact that they are ill-equipped at handling these kinds of interviews, but imagine some do a better job than others and that treatment has gotten better over time. We know that there is a split in the military and the administration on the issue of torture and I think that today, especially after the Supreme Court ruling, things are getting better, but there is a long way to go.

Weekend in Boxing and The World Cup Action
While I am looking forward to this weeks Roman Karmizin-Cory Spinks bout from St. Louis that will be aired on Showtime; I was less then impressed by last Saturdays Shobox card. James McGirt, Jr. and Ronald Hearns looked good; but Chazz Witherspoon does have the skills to go that far, Aaron Pryor’s kid looked like a crackhead ( like father like son) and Jorge Paez, Jr. couldn’t get a visa to come up from Mexico. I didn’t get a chance to see Pacquiao-Larios; but I saw ben-Rabeh take Juan Urango to school and get robbed. Message to fighters; stay away from Florida if you don’t wanna get robbed.

The Cup
I guess Ill have to pull for Germany now. Still have Wayne Rooney’s back though, he’s the man no matter what they are saying.

Robert Novak Column
Novak has an interesting column today about Anglican and Catholic Priests in Israel calling for an end to the occupation and roundly rejecting the notion that Palestinian Muslims and the Palestinian Authority have led to the demise of the Christian population of the Holy Land despite what some are trying to make up for political purposes.

Muslim Brothers With Kids Out of Wedlock and More

I recently had a conversation with a Muslim brother about the large number of American-Muslims who have children out of wedlock. For those of you not familiar with this issue having children out of wedlock is extremely rare for practicing Muslims; but many Muslim brothers have children out of wedlock before entering the deen. The question becomes how do you deal with this situation once you are Muslim?

Many brothers follow the opinion, based on a hadith, that the out of wedlock children should fall to the bed of the mother and that they have no financial responsibility for their children they have made and don’t even need to know them. They follow the hadith saying that “the bastard child falls to the bed of the mother”, meaning the mother should have to take care of it alone. There are other opinions amongst scholars on this issue; but to me this one is not hard. If you make the kid you should be responsible for the kid and we have a whole lot of American-Muslims, especially African-American brothers, who have found a righteous excuse not to do what they were to lazy and foul to do in the fist place.

I have a daughter from a woman I divorced and I know these things are very difficult indeed and it is often not easy to have a relationship with a child that is not living with you and I have had a lot of problems. It is doubly hard when we live in a society that puts no value on the role of fathers and were mothers have all the rights and dads have none; but you have to make the effort. The system is rigged in favor of women but we have to make the best of it.

Now, case in point, there is a brother who is very active in his city as an Islamic worker. He gives khutbahs, makes dawah, organizes outings, and much more and yet he has eight children out of wedlock and has no relationship with any of them and makes no effort to contact them. Maybe he should start his dawah efforts by making dawah to his kids and doing something to support them; because in my mind this brother has no credibility to make dawah at all.

There is also a famous imam on the East Coast who has a grown daughter he never made an effort to care for and she doesn’t see the value in being the daughter of a famous imam (she is not Muslim). The brother now has 4 wives and a tribe of children that he takes care of, but he never reached back to her. I wonder what she thinks about Islam?

Must Read Piece by Pat Buchanan
This is a must read and it points to the vibrancy of Islam and to me it illustrates why the most dangerous force for Muslims is not the militaristic-right; but it is the cultural pollution of the Left into the ranks of the deen at a time when the strength of Muslims is growing.

KT McFarland Lost my Vote
Any chance that KT had of getting my vote is gone (and I guess I will vote for Eliot Spitzer, maybe) after her desperate attention getting antics of the revelation that she was “psychologically and physically abused as a child”. Well guess what KT your grown and its time to get over it. I am not going to vote for you because of some sob story. You Dad hit you with a belt and shoved you, well that’s not abuse and I wish more dads today were using the belt as my father used it on me.