A Bad Day
Ice Cube had an old song “Today Was a Good Day”, well yesterday day was as a bad day. I did not sleep well, the restaurant closed as I was walking to the door so I didn’t get a meall to after midnight, I was on the subway with a crazy Jamaican Rastafarian, there was a mix-up with an apartment I am trying to rent, and a few other things.

When listening to the rantings of the crazy Rasta-man, who i didn’t know what he was saying half of the time, I thought about urban white liberals like Elizabeth and I said ” maybe these are the only black people they know and see and so they think all black people are crazy”. Just a thought; but I can only imagine how some of those from affluent backgrounds think about the craziness they see on the subway.

Errol Louis and Orlando Patterson
I may be spelling his name wrong, because I can only open one window on this computer and cannot check, but Errol Louis in his column in the Daily News today talked about the need for a cultural civil-war in the African-American community between those who are committed to strong families and traditional values and those who participate in and glorify a thug lifestyle that calls for violence, sexual conquest and immediate gratification. He also cited writers Orlando Patterson and Stanley Crouch as other people who have made similar calls.

On another Daily News item they ran an editorial against Teamster workers in Connecticut, and they are supposed to be the Democratic paper. This comes after Eliot Spitzer announced plans to crack down on the Transit Workers Union. This leads to the question; who, in these days, will stand for the America worker?

Release of Jill Carroll
Somehow I knew that she wasn’t going to get killed. Actually I somehow thought for some reason, that she would end up marrying her captors ( knowing the Arabs obsession with white women and I thought maybe she would exploit this for personal safety reasons to secure her freedom). Now people are comparing her to Patty Hearst and saying that she possibly has the Stockholm Syndrome because of the way she has talked nicely about her captors. I am sure this will be all the talk on the cable news shows.

Truth About Liberals
Finally , through a reader, we are getting the reluctant truth about liberals to come out. What is that truth? That truth is the the modern liberal minions, contrary to generations past and what the media would have you believe, have no love for Africans-Americans, Latinos and other minorities, do not care about workers rights and the right to organize, hate men, glorify women, and are only concerned with advancing the cause of the wealthy urban liberal elite. They only give lip-service, and a few token gestures to workers blacks and others, because they are a pathetic small minority who needs to exploit larger groups in order to advance their social agenda.

Culture and Growing Up

When Your Age Isn’t Your Age, Growing Up Fast

David Brooks in a recent New York Times column talked about the way upper middle-class parents raise their children as opposed to the way working-class parents raise their kids. In toady’s world the life of the upper-class kid is full of scheduled piano and music lessons, organized tutoring and non-school learning, and organized sports activities. The upper-class kid has an active life and goes to bed exhausted at night after a day that is completely regimented often organized by a mother who is more Mike Ditka than June Cleaver.

Working-class kids, in the argument of Brooks, are raised by their parents in a more freewheeling way. The parents believe that life is going to be tough so the kids should have fun while they are still young and their will be plenty of time for work later. The kids are allowed to ride their bikes by themselves and just hang-out with kids in the neighborhood and have unorganized fun. They are also involved in sports; but do not have their parents send them to all the specialized camps and the like ( but the working-class, and the poor, still dominate American pro sports despite not having the benefits of these camps and special treatment).

In his argument, where Brooks is saying that culture often matters more than economics in determining the outcomes of peoples lives, a notion that I agree with and one that is rooted in the prophetic tradition and the Quran ( “Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change the condition of themselves”) . So the upper-middle class are raised to inherit the position of their parents, and even more, and the working-class are raised to do the same.

Critics argue that Brooks is not taking into account the fact that working-class don’t have the money that upper-class parents do so that it is ridiculous to even critique them for not sending the kids to expensive basketball camps or to cello lessons with a Cambodian master and Brooks recognizes this. He points out that some cultures, such as the Chinese and Jews, tend to do well no matter where they are in the world and there has to be a reason for this and that is culture and I do not see how anyone can argue with this.

At a time when the masses in Brazil, Argentine, Paraguay, Uruguay and other Latin American counties were mired in poverty German immigrants came to those nations and within a few years advanced further economically than their neighbors and created successful and prosperous enclaves of German culture.

Jewish immigrants from Europe came to Palestine and did with the land, and economics of the area, more than any Arab state has been able to do in the region in centuries in just a few years. When in the middle-east I looked at the poverty and misery of the Palestinians and felt bad; but when I went to Jordan and Egypt I asked who was occupying them because they were doing just as bad if not worse? Similarly the Iranians, who have the history of a great civilization, have advanced farther scientifically, economically and culturally then their neighbors (other than the Jed Clampett oil states)

In Nigeria, and amongst the Nigerian diaspora, members of the Ibo tribe tend to do well no matter where they are and be economically more prosperous than their neighbors even though they do not control the power of the state and in Nigeria, where the Hausa tribe has dominated government, they are the poorest. In other parts of Africa Indians and Lebanese have been able to come and dominate local economies not based on conspiracy theories; but based on a tight-knit culture that produces achievers ( although limited).

If you go to Malaysia and Indonesia there is a bitter hatred for the Chinese; but without the Chinese living in those nations their economies would completly collapse and why is it that a few million Chinese can dominate hundreds of millions of Malays and Indonesians? It is culture.

In America, go to the African-American and Latino communities, and you will find that the businesses in those communities are ran by Arabs, Koreans, and generally people not of those groups. Many times, despite having economic resources, the communities do not have the culture that it takes to even handle the small-business of their own community ( and this is not because banks will not give them money or they give loans to Arabs and Koreans).

Culture matters. It is why my ancestors the Irish and other groups like the the Scots and the Scots-Irish, Italians, Poles and Slavs came to America and made up the great working-class and middle-class of this nation while the English, French, Germans, Scandinavians and Jews would come to dominate the upper-class.

It is not genetic, it is cultural; because some people in all of these groups prosper and some fail and an example of culture is this. The families that I grew up with believed that it was a great thing of their kids went to college, any college. If the kid went to the local community college it was considered a good achievement. Other families just thought it was good enough for the dad to get his son on at the plant or with a good union job when the kid got out of high school or following the family tradition into the military. Those were the goals that those families set-up for the kids as they were growing-up and those are all fine goals and they will lead to a decent and rewarding life and it is these people who form the backbone of society.

Other families I know had no goals and the families could care less about their kids education and would repeatedly tell them that when they turned 18 they were on their own. These families didn’t make sure their kids did their homework, much less help them or get them a tutor, and these kids tended to be dropouts or just barely got by in school. Of course many of these kids became criminals or teenage mothers and the like or addicted to drugs at a young age and I went to school with many who did not live to see their twentieth birthday because they were murdered or otherwise taken-out. These kids were also raised to be what their parents were; for the girls that would be multiple baby-mammas living on welfare in section 8 or public housing collecting a government check, and for the guys being thugs who spend their lives in and out of jail making fast money until they get killed or a life sentence.

The upper-class kid is expected to be an achiever and to do well on all levels. It is not good enough t go to the state college or the local public university; these kids have to go to expensive private universities. They are raised with a sense of entitlement that they will lives of ease and everything will be handed to them on a silver platter ( and that is why so many are in therapy or on drugs because they cant figure out why life isn’t working like that) and when they get out of school they then will gradually climb the economic stairs to affluency.

It is in the early twenties that all three of these groups are the same age but at vastly different stages in their lives. The working-class kid at say, 24, is working a 40 hour week, and probably putting in overtime, and may be married with kids already and is saving up to by his own home if he doesn’t have it already. He doesn’t go out and party all that much, maybe on the weekends every now and than or to sporting events, but after a hard day of work ( probably physical hard work) he comes home and drinks a few beers, watches the game, kisses the wife and babies and then goes to sleep. He is not care-free and he has financial and economic worries, he may be behind on the bills, and his job may be outsourced to China or El Salvador, so he goes to bed with a lot of shit on his mind. Many of his friends are not doing as well as he is so at least he can be thankful for what he has.

The poor male kid at age 24 has probably already been convicted of a felony or two, has done some time, is ineligible for many good jobs, has a baby or two and is behind on his child support, has had many friends murdered and sent to prison an has a shady living arrangement. If he has avoided a life of crime he is travelling on the bus an hour or two each way to work a shitty dead-end job. The female already has 1 kid, maybe 2,3 or 4, looks like she is 40 and does not go out and party anymore but when she wants to have fun sits at home and smokes a blunt while watching a DVD with friends.

At 24 the upper-class kid is out of college and has just got back from backpacking Europe and maybe Asia and Latin America. He is living in an apartment in the city with roommates and working a bullshit job just to make money to party. He eats out everyday, never cooks, parties every night, dates different women casually on both ends, and has a carefree existence and has no worries. When he wants to get serious he has a degree from a prestigious university and connections, for now he is partying at 24 like the working class and poor kids did at 15 and 16 and while they are working hard, or doing hard time, he is having the time of his life and is a yuppie living in the city.

So 24 isn’t 24 for everyone, for many 24 is like 44 and for others it is like 14.

Tariq Nelson Piece on Muslims and Immigration
If you read nothing else today read the article of Tariq on his blog about immigration, intermarriage, the development of a white ethnicity, and the future of the Muslim community. I tend to be on the pro-immigration side of things; but there are limitations.

This is from Jim Hacking
I was reading this in the New York Post and then I got this email from Brother Jim. Read this story and tell me why Muslims should be obliged to make taqleed to these ignorant and backwards mullahs or whatever these fools call themselves. Read this if you wanna see a clear example of ignorance in the ummah.

Alec Baldwin-Sean Hannity Rift
If you wanna know why liberals cant be talk radio hosts Alec Baldwin is a prime example. He went on the show of Hannity, who I dislike, and ridiculed him for being an “ex construction worker from Long Island” amongst other things and in this he showed the liberal snobbery that much of that crowd has. What is wrong with construction workers? They are fine when you are trying to get union workers to vote Democrat; but, I get it, they are just problematic when they start voicing opinions. Baldwin later stormed out of the studio and refused to come on the show, he couldn’t take it, and I am sure he was off to his Manhattan therapist or domintarix.

The closest thing to national liberal radio, besides Air America, is NPR which I love; but I understand it is boring as hell to most people and that conservative talk-radio is at least entertaining. These liberals hosts are snobbish, sarcastic, elitist, and most are monotone with no emotion whatsoever.

Immigration Rally Sen.McCain and Tom Tancredo

It would be foolish not to mention that history was witnessed over the weekend with the Pro-Immigrant Rally in Lose Angeles that attracted over 500,000 people. The media and the police, both clueless to the groundswell of support the movement was getting, expected only 10,000 to 30,000 but more than 500,000 people showed up according to the official account and with this something monumental has happened in American history; Latinos have made s statement that they are here, organizing and voting and will have a say.

On the other side of the argument you have Congressman Tom Tancredo and the Minuteman who lead the anti-immigration crowd and call for tighter borders and the deportation of undocumented workers and they too have grassroots support from white Americans who seek to preserve a white-majority in this nation and others.

With the House having passed the immigration bill, and the senate debating it, this could be one of the most divisive issues since the Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam Era and could dramatically effect the 2006 and 2008 elections.

Tom ” we should bomb Mecca” Tancredo is expected to run for president on an anti-immigrant platform in the 2008 elections and this will swing the GOP to the right on that issue during the primaries. Many in the Democratic Party would like to support immigrant-rights but they know that is an unpopular stance with the American people who are worried not about overpopulation or anything else other than racial and cultural realities.

Is there a middle-ground? Maybe,and I will be attending a speech sponsored by the Legalize the Irish Campaign by Sen. John McCain in the Bronx on Friday who is calling for a middle-path and he is running for president in 2008 as well.

Inside Man

I saw Inside Man yesterday and I liked it but it wasn’t the nest work of Spike Lee and Denzel Washington. What Lee did do, as he has done in many films, is capture the spirit of New York in many nuanced ways with his characters and the camera. Why is he able to do this? Because Spike loves his New York like Woody Allen loves his different New York. The film gets a thumbs up from me and is an entertaining two hour sand personally I always love when these types of films end the way this one did; but I cant tell you how or why.

I can tell you that on the way home on the subway a Salafi brother with a super short thobe got up and started trying to sell DVD’s of Inside Man, 16 Blocks, the new Steve Harvey film and even the Chronicles of Narnia.

Muslim News

Muslim Pol in Paterson, New Gerzee claims he is “shocked” by being double-crossed by the local Dems. That is like being shocked you got a haircut at a barber shop.

The case of Adam Blake an American-Muslim, who like many traveled around the Muslim World seeking knowledge with little or no money and is now under scrutiny for it is highlighted in the Daily News.

The essays on gender-relations are going to be made into a short book and I will let readers know when it is done Insha’Allah.

Abdul-Rahman and the Afghan Execution for Conversion
It would be unwise and foolish for the Afghan government to execute the man named Abdul-Rahman for converting to Christianity. Do I think he made a bad choice? Yes, I do; but he should not be killed for converting during a time of peace. Furthermore; following the fundamental principal of fiqh of what is the lesser of two evils, the mans life should be spared because it will create more harm than implementation of the Afghan law will. We should also understand that this has been a calculated move by the Christian forces behind Abdul-Rahman who are seeking to use this issue to challenge the Afghan law and force the US to press the issue of freedom of conversions with the Afghan and Iraqi governments and Muslims should not fear this because there will be very few such conversions.

Christians Have No Historical Perspective On This Issue
Let us be clear on this; when Christianity was the dominant cultural force in the West and the masses of the people were adherents to the faith people were executed for apostating and theological differences. Christians today will say, as they are saying on other blogs, that those types of things have not happened in any numbers in a couple-hundred years and they are right. However, this is not because of Christianity, this is because of the weakening of Christianity and the dominance of secularism in the West.

Freedom of speech, freedom to offend the pious, freedom to convert, so-called sexual freedoms and other freedoms are not the product of Christianity rather are symbols of it’s weakness. If you put the church in power once again you will see the erosions to all of these freedoms; but during a time when European churches are being turned into discos and more people are watching the NFL on Sundays than going to church in the US it is absurd to thank Christianity for these freedoms. In a similar manner, Jews in the past have executed apostates and this does not happen in Israel today because the laws are based on secular values.

The freedom to convert is not a Judeo-Christian value; there is no such thing as Judeo-Christian values. One faith is monotheistic and calls for the adherence to the law and has a reverence for scripture ( Judaism) and one is polytheistic and sees the law as oppressive and has a freewheeling approach to the scripture (Christianity). The only thing Jewish tradition has to do with Christians is that they were traditionaly enslaved, killed and beaten by Christians.

The freedom to convert comes from the emergence of secularism in the West and nothing else.

‘V" for Vendetta

‘V” for Vendetta
On the recommendation of my friend Omar I went to go see “V” For Vendetta today and decided to see “The Inside Man” tomorrow ( Denzel is my favorite actor and Spike Lee one of my favorite directors) and I was not disappointed.

The film is set in the future Great Britain that has once again become the worlds superpower after America self-destructed afters wars in Iraq, Syria and Sudan followed by an ongoing civil war in America.

The new British strongman, is not like her latest strongman (woman) in real life who was democratically elected and followed most laws even in her pursuit of territorial conquests and religious superiority for the Crown; the new British leader in the film is Hitleresque in that he came to power democratically and then turned the nation into a one party state dedicated to a reclamation.

A Bill O’Reilly like character in the film uses his show to tell the people what to think and spread fear in a Fox News like manner. Viewers are told by the British O’Reilly that he was around “during the time when Muslims and homosexuals and other filth” were running wild and instructs the people to obey their oaths of allegiance to the state. The people are told to fear “others” and to trust the state to protect them. They are told that the new anti-speech and curfew laws are for their protection and safety and to not question the government ( was that part written by Ann Coulter as her hopeful vision of the future?).

Muslims come up a few times in the film. One man was executed for having a copy of the Quran in his home and Muslims are mentioned a few times and it is implied the the whole seizure of power by the right-wing in Britain was done after a biological terrorist attack was committed by covert forces and was blamed on Muslims who confessed and were executed. After the deaths of thousands the people decided to turn to the right-wing, military, police, and the church to protect them from all others and that is how the government took power.

V is the hero in the film who lives behind a Guy Fawkes mask because he is horribly disfigured from the treachery of those in power and takes revenge on the state and the elite and calls for a mass convergence on the British Parliament Building a year from the beginning of his campaign. He lives underground and is surrounded by art work and other things that have been confiscated by the government and have been reclaimed by V. On an interesting note he has real butter in his hide-out, which has apparently been banned by the state; maybe this is saying that in the future the liberal food Nazis will merge with the right-wing.

Evey, the character played by Natalie Portman works for BTN ( the future FOX), and after being rescued by V one night ends up being wrapped-up in the whole plot and eventually, after a lot of shit, predictably falls in love with V and joins him in his campaign. This comes after she initially cannot understand what V is doing; she does not like the government either, her parents were killed by the government, but like many today and in years past she has been trained to look at the revolutionary as a criminal villain because he seeks to give the tyrants a small taste of their own medicine. By the end of the film she has come all the way round and she eventually makes the final blow against the state possible ( along with a cop who had a change of heart) and the British military and police are forced to stand down due to the sheer weight of the masses flooding the Parliament area.

I must say that this part of the film is very unrealistic. It has been very rare that people just hand over power and in real life the military and police would not have stood down; rather there would have been a blood bath in the streets and in order for the revolutionaries to win they would have had to make the street run red with blood. That is revolution, history is written in blood, and it is not written by disaffected children of the elite marching with puppets with the permission of the state who get sprayed with mace and think the world has come to an end and go crying to their mommies.

The film contained a lot of things that will fly over the average film goers head, and definitely the average Americans head. They will not be able to understand the references to Muslims , will not get that there are actually people in America who are plotting the invasion of Syria and Sudan, that we are in the midst of a real “reclamation” from conservative Christians, and there are other references, such as a detective being questions because he has an Irish mother, that most Americans will not get.

What American viewers will get, after having been bombarded by the media on gay issues, is the constant reference to the reclamation’s outlawing homosexuality and given the producers ( the Wachowski Brothers), I am not surprised that director James McTeigue put it in the film.

Is this a fantasy film? I do not think so. As I said we are in the midst of a reclamation in America and if you combine this with the advancements in surveillance technology and a religious revival and you have the making of something like this really going down. How about this question right now; if there is another 9-11 like terror attack what will we see?

In this country we have already had a civil war once before and it is not impossible that we will have one again. However, if there is another civil war in this country, the Left will be crushed. The Left calls for a weapons ban and gun control, and therefore has no weapons and doesn’t know how to use them while the Right is firing away at the range. Go to the gyms and you will see a lot of right-wingers and go to Leftist rallies and you will see a bunch of puny vegetarian quasi-males and females. Not a lot of Leftists in combat sports either. The only physical opposition to the Right, in these times can come from the only people not among them who still know how to fight and those are African-Americans, Latinos and Muslims and in this country they would put up a fight at least; but would be crushed along with the Mini Cooper drivers, Woody Allen watchers and gays. In this country any revolution, in my opinion, would be instigated by elements in the military and law-enforcement with aid from Christian leaders and would have religious and racial objectives but would serve the needs of the wealthy. Most on the white-left would decide to stand on the sidelines and later join this revolution.

Brawl in Brooklyn and NYPD
While waiting for the B60 bus at the corner of Rockaway and Fulton in Brooklyn last night I stood with a very pleasant older woman from Trinidad and watched a wild brawl for about twenty-minutes before the bus came. I was not suprised to see such a thing on a Friday night; but I was surprised at the fact that there were at least a dozen police officers within a block of the incident and I saw that a few saw the brawl ( which involved more than ten people) and did nothing. Instead they were conducting some kind of random checks on drivers and pulling them over. Before the bus came a Puerto Rican woman ran up to me and told me to get out of the area and that they may start shooting and I told her “what do you want me to do, I have to catch the bus”.

The essays on feminism are coming but they will have to wait a few days as I am overwhelmed right now with the beginning of the new job and trying to learn things and navigate my schedule.

The Criminal Underclass and the Working Class

To make a distinction of these two groups a lot of times is a falsehood and they are two sides of one coin. Go to any working-class neighborhood and it is full of criminals and go to any crime-infested area and it is full of working class people.

In many families you will see four brothers and two of them will be working guys and the other two criminals and many times you will also see people move back and forth between the two. The strict working-class guy, in cities, knows criminals and doesn’t have the same hatred for them that you will find amongst the upper-classes, but rather views them as being just one of the guys.

Many of us, who earlier in our lives were part of what is called the “criminal class”, later entered the working-class of our fathers and grandfathers ( my father was an auto-worker and my grandfather a pipefitter). Now there may be some, who are more similar to American right-wingers than they think in their hatred of anything not affluent and not white, who will say that once you are a criminal you are always are one but that is foolish. People evolve and society should let them evolve and not force them into second-class citezenship for the rest of their lives.

The beginnings of the lives of the worker are similar to that of the criminal; they are both just trying to find a way to get ahead and both are doing what they gotta do and one is making a better decision than the other. There may be strong distinctions between the two amongst those in ivory towers and in coffee shops in wealthy neighborhoods but working people know the deal.

Tariq Nelson
I encourage all of my readers to read the blog of Tariq Nelson and what he has written about the crisis in the African-American Muslim community and especially how it relates to males. I cannot link right now but go to the page of Umm Zaid and it is on her brothers links.

Imette St. Gullien: White or a Latina?
Even though she was a Spanish-speaking female whose family came from Venezuela the media has constantly described her as a white female. On the NPR show News and Notes with Ed Gordon there was even an entire segment dedicated to this issue of her being a white female purportedly killed by a black male.

The whole issue of her being a Latina, and being perceived by the media and the public as a white female, is something we should all recognize as an example of how Latinos can, and do, become white in this society and others remain despised people of color. Therefore, comparisons that will be made between the future of Latinos being similar to that is African-Americans is not correct because the most wealthy, educated and talented of African-Americans was always, in the words of Muhammad Ali. “still a nigger”.

New Read

Nothing But an Unfinished Story: Bobby Sands, The Irish Hunger Striker Who Ignited a Generation by Denis O’Hearn. I began this book yesterday on the long ride out to Long Island to go to work and I think it is going to be pretty good.

Unsettled: An Anthropology of the Jews
I have been reading this book by Melvin Konner and in it he makes some interesting points. While pointing out there areas were Muslims have been less than desirable in the treatment of Jews he also points out that rabid anti-Semitism is an import from the West to the Muslim World.

Konner points out that the earliest propagators of anti-Semitic myths in the Arab world were Arab Christians who had been influenced by their European Christian brethren. As an example of this he points out that during the famous Dreyfus Affair in France, where a Jewish man was falsely charged with treason, editorials in the Muslim press were favorable towards Dreyfus and accusatory towards the French.

It is in 1933 when the German Nazi regime began systematically spreading their anti-Jewish theories in the Arab World and they spent a great deal of money to popularize those beliefs that the ideas became popular. Then, twelve years later, in 1945 we see anti-Jewish pogroms in Tunisia and Egypt. Then in 1948, wit the establishment of the State of Israel, things took a turn for the worse until this day. What would have happened if the Nazis and Europeans had not planted these seeds?

Got Hired
Thank Allah ( not G_d, the two words are not interchangeable) I got a new job. When I was tested for the job along with several other young men all I could say was alhamdudilah for my education and those public school teachers who taught me how to read and write so well. Some of the other young men who were tested, who wanted jobs, failed the test. Others are having legal problems and thus another example of the crisis of young men for all of you who do not hate men.

Zacharias Moussaui
I do not know if I have mentioned it before or not but I met Moussaui before and since his fifteen minutes of fame are about to run out I figure this is the best time to mention it.

It was in Norman, OK at the masjid were I was going to meet my beloved Sheikh ( who is right sometimes and wrong at other times my Prophet is Muhammad Ibn Abdullah s.a.s) and the two of us were at the masjid alone together and we talked about the plight of the suffering Muslims of Chechnya. Of course I did not know who he was but years later, in less than pleasant circumstances, I would be reminded as Moussaui told other people of our conversation.

Man, I got put some people on blast. First of all let me say that I have a deep distrust of yuppie Muslims after what went down in Northern Virginian amongst the so-called yuppie Jihadis. Now, let me move on to the al-Maghrib Institute in NYC.

I saw a flyer at jummahu a few weeks ago for an event called 10 Minute Shahadah with Brother Kamal Makee. I have known Kamal for a long time and wanted to attend the event but was not able to. So I decided to go to the website on the flyer and then I subscribed to the email list of the group to find out about future events. The email list is like a buddies club of insiders information and when I try to email them and ask them when there is a halaqa and when are the events they are describing so I can attend the moderator doesn’t even let my email through. What kind of dawah is this? What kind of organization is this? Or is it just a bunch of yuppie college kids who drink latte over Ibn Taymiya and have a private club? Man these people piss me off. They claim to be trying to spread the deen but do not wish to help Muslims seeking necessary information in order to pursue knowledge. That is why I hate being around Muslims these days. Sister bikhair reminded me that it is haram to hit Muslims and it is just too tempting at times so that is why I stay to myself.

While I am at it let me put so more people on blast; the security teams at ghetto masjids in Brooklyn. Man, aint nobody trying to kill your imam and nobody cares what you are doing so stop messing with Muslims who are just coming to pray. In case the news hasnt all the way seeped in you are out of prison. A lot of Muslim brothers dont like to go to places like Masjid at-Taqwa, Masjid al-Iqwaa and other palces because of the amount of ignorance you have to deal with and then the masjid imams, like Imam Siraj, complain that the masjids dont have any money. Maybe you would have so money if people with jobs and money were not harassed by parolees every time they came to the masjid and the brothers in the masjid had even a little bit of good adhab and were not acting like they are in a halfway house.

Assassination, Future Riots, Kevin Powell and a Crisis

The Jewish Defense Organization, a militant New York group with a small following that is a newer more modern version of the old Jewish Defense League, is calling for the assassination of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Can a Muslim website or organization in America call for the asasination of anyone without serving life in prison? Sheikh Ali al-Timimi is doing life in prison for making a few non-violent statements that never led to anyone being harmed ( and the lies of others). This is a clear example of the double-standard that exists in America.

If you are radical American-Jew you can go to the West Bank and join a settler militia and commit violent political crimes and then be free to come back to Brooklyn and raise money for your activities. When an organization like the Islamic Association for Palestine is set up to advocate on behalf of the Islamist position in Palestine it comes under attack and charities like the Holy Land Foundation are shut down and people go to jail.

Experts on Hindu politics will tell you that a big part of the funding for radical Hindu organizations and the big organizations like the Hindu World Congress comes from the West. Even when militias linked to these groups, like the Monkey g** Brigades have committed horrific acts of violence the US authorities does not clamp down on them . Yet Muslims connected to Kashmiri Freedom organizations are imprisoned.

The double standard is everywhere.

Nigerian Census

If you see riots in the weeks or months to come you can blame it on the Nigerian census that is starting today. Political representation in Nigeria is based on the census and there hasn’t been one in fifteen years. The friction comes from tribes who jockey to increase their numbers any way they can n order for their tribes to have more of a share of the government. The other big issue, and it is huge, is the religious count between Muslims and Christians and both groups claim to have a majority of the population. There may e no country in the world where Muslims and Christians get along worse then they do in Nigeria and this situation has been fueled over the years by the Muslim Hausa domination of the military and the corruption that brought. If there are any researchers in fraud you better get to Nigeria quick because starting today you are going to be seeing some of the newest tricks in the book from all sides.

Domestic Violence and Candidacy of Kevin Powell

When hip-hop journalist Kevin Powell Originally announced that he would be running for congress out of Brooklyn to replace Ed Towns, my congressman, I was happy. This showed me that the hip-hop generation as maturing and was ready to actively get involved in leadership roles in society. That is why it troubled me to read last weeks account of Powell’s history of violence against women in a Daily News editorial by Erroll Louis.

Over the years Powell has been connected to several acts of violence with a number of different women, and those are just the ones we know about, and Powell has said he has anger management problems, he is sorry and he is taking responsibility for his past.

My question is this; Powell never got mad at men? He never lost his temper with men? Why didn’t he punch men or throw things at men? Chances are because he knew that he might have got his ass kicked and therefore he has a history of being a punk and a coward and those are attributes that are hard to get away from.

Crisis for Black Men in NYC

A new study out highlights the problems of black men in NYC and highlights the unemployment rate that is at 50%. There is a clear crisis amongst black males, who are doing far worse than black women in almost every category, and the inablity to find a job is one of the biggest problems. I will write on this more later but one thing is sure, and this is coming from someone who is pro-immigration, is that the massive amount of undocumented workers in NYC, along with many cultural and racial issues, is hindering not only black males, but white males as well, from getting jobs. It is time for working-class men to come together and address these issues.

Fat Nick, "Nigger" and "Nigga"

Now we move to Fat Nick. Fat Nick is in hot water for attacking black youths with a baseball bat in Howard Beach after one of them tried to break into his car and blurting out the word “nigger or nigga” in the attack.

In the past I have defended Fat Nick because I believe that I might have done the same thing had someone been breaking into my car and that he would have attacked anyone who tried to break into his vehicle and if Fat Nick would have tried to break into a vehicle on Rockaway and Blake in Brownsville he would be lucky to have been beaten with a bat and not been shot.

What Fat Nick is doing now, has me wondering if this case is going to being a cultural landmark. The argument from Fat Nicks lawyer will be that he didn’t use the word “nigger” but used the word “nigga” in the beating. He will say that Fat Nick had a lot of black freinds and they used the word nigga all the time in referring to one another and that amongst the hip-hop generation everyone calls one another nigga. The defense will also then point out that Fat Nick is no racist and that he not only has black friends but he attends a Bible study with a group of black women.

Now some may immediately say this is bullshit; but I will not. When I as a teenager and older hanging out on the streets we all called each other nigga; black, white and brown. “whats good nigga…what up my nigga…that niggaz crazy….man, fuck that nigga…where that nigga at, etc, etc, etc”. It wasnt the nigger of white suburbia, but the nigga of hip-hop and hip-hop didn’t invent the term it came from the streets of the black community. What hip-hop did is expose the word to whites, Latinos and others to were they now use it on one another. On a personal note I now find it all rather foolish since it is a word that has a history to it that is tied to lynching, murder, slavery and oppression and should not be used lightly. It is not appropriate for people to use this word in referring to one anther and it is doubly not appropriate for white people. But, there is a difference between in appropriate and racist and amongst the young generation the word nigga is not used in a racist way in many cases.

On that note actor and comedian Damon Wayans is tryng to patent the word nigga.

I decided to change the template for my blog and in the process lost my links, my cluster map, and other stuff. I will be working on this in the days to come but readers emailed me and told me it was tough to read with the previous template. BTW, are my profile and links popping up on the side on my page? For me they are on the bottom for some reason.

Abdurrahman Mian: Muslims, Have You Seen This Punk?

For those of you who are not familiar with the story of Nixmary Brown she is the young seven year old Brooklyn girl who was systematically starved and then beaten to death by her stepfather as her mother sat by and did nothing earlier this year. The New York Post today is reporting that her biological father, who never saw the girl when she was alive and only saw her one time and that was in her casket, is seeking to cash in on her death and become the administrator of her estate so he can cash in on the millions that may be made off of lawsuits against the Administration for Children Services. He never saw her when she was alive, never helped her when she was being tortured, but now he wants to make money off her death.

If I wasn’t already angry about the fact that the father would be doing this I became even more angry when I found out this guy is a Muslim man from Pakistan named Abdurrahman Mian and local livery driver. I pray to Allah I never see this cat at the masjid because I may be forced to smack the shit out of his ass and knock the curry out of his mouth. I advise other Muslims, and whatever masjid he is affiliated with, to give him advice on doing the right thing and if he doesn’t he should be boycotted at the minimum…. Maybe he can have a future as a landmine in Kashmir.

I have included his picture so you know if you see him at the masjid.

Girls and Sex, Subway Drama and a No Show

I was in Manhattan but had to go to the Midwood section of Brooklyn in order to see a woman I was doing a job for on Thursday and had to catch the A train to the B train in order to do so.

The A was packed and I had to stand up and I end up standing next to two men who were yelling at each other because they both believed the other was standing too close. One of the men looked like he was in his forties and the other was a late teen. The older man, who you would think have better sense, started to get off the train but stood in the door as it opened and blocked it from leaving and yelled at the young men” you don’t know who you are fuckin with, I just did 15 years for a murder and Ill fuck you up bitch. Your a bitch ass nigga, come on and get off the train so I can fuck you up…come on…come on…”. At first the young man didn’t move, but then his ego got the better of him and he started to get off the train, and when he did this half the people on the screen begin screaming ” no, don’t do it, he is not worth it” and he followed their advice.

When I transferred to the B, which has to be the most polite line in NYC, everything was calm until I got to the middle-class Jewish neighborhood of Midwood. I met my client and when I left I decided to do some shopping on Kings Highway before leaving and I shopped for shoes (with no success), a belt, and a baseball cap and looked around for a nice spot to grab a bite to eat and that is when I saw a sign that read ; Kosher Pizza and Felafel. You cant get no better than that I said to myself, so I went in and like a pig ordered a slice, a felafel sandwich and some hummus.

It was while eating in the restaurant full of observant Jews that I eavesdropped on the owner having to rebut the strongarm tactics of a Hasidic businessman who was selling coffee and demanding he buy more coffee to which he replied “if I sell more coffee I will buy more coffee”; but this did not seem to matter to the coffee dealer who was pressuring him to buy more coffee than he needed.

While they were arguing I and I was trying to make out another conversation in Hebrew ( I know a little, but not much) a young girl from an observant family who was dressed like an orthodox school girl was leaving the store and when her cell phone rang The Pussycat Dolls tune played that says “don’t you wish your girl was hot like me, don’t you wish your girl was a freak like me”. Now, quite honestly that blew me away.

It is not the fact that a religious Jewish girl would be listening to that sexually charged music; it is the fact that she has it playing on her cell phone. So, I asked myself; is this girl a freak ( a freak being on oversexed girl)? I doubt it. Like many Muslim girls going to religious schools she probably feels isolated and bored by her religious surrounding and dreams of a world were all the non-religious kids are having fun. This is very common in the Muslim community I know and it appears that there are at least some who feel the same way in the observant Jewish community.

While these girls dream of wearing jeans that look painted on and having their breasts popping out of their blouses as the go to school, and look at the public schools students with envy, most seldom get out of the house for anything other than activity with their families, school and religious activities.

If they are gonna become a freak chances are they will have to find a rebellious young Jewish or Muslim boy ( and there are no shortage of those) who they can fool around with and sneak off with in a extra few minutes somewhere. This is what has brought upon the phenomenon in religious communites of young people and oral sex. It is a technicality you see that allows them to still say they are virgins.

I had been thinking a lot about women, and young women in particular, in the previous days after watching a video. The video showed a group of young men and aspiring rappers in a room with naked young girls. As the guys played with the girls pussies and smacked their asses they held conversations with one another, smoked weed, and drank with the girls remaining bent over on all fours the entire time ( later they would have sex). These girls were not prostitutes it was explained to me, but just young girls from the neighborhood having a good time and the African-American rappers specifically requested Latinas and Asian women.

For the men in the video, I know what they were thinking. They had some fine young tenders with big asses and they were just their for their pleasure and they didn’t even care to know these girls names or anything about them and as the old saying goes they were just pieces of meat. It was harder for me to understand what the girls got out of this? I mean, if they are just having sex that would be one thing, but they are sitting around and letting these guys make fun of them and talk bad to them and pass them around and give them to their friends and just treat them like garbage and it made me wonder were these girls minds are?

So, when I saw this Jewish girl, who I am sure has the phone on vibrate at home, I thought of those girls. Later that night, at the Brooklyn Public library before stoppin for Maghrib at Masjid al-Farooq on Atlantic Ave,, I saw a young girl who made me forget about the Jewish girl.

Sitting at a table reading the newspaper and waiting for a computer to open up I heard a young girl say “you know, I only like big sicks, and your dick is too little…now that nigga Ray has a big dick that I like” and when I turned to look at this girl she appeared to be about ten years old! For some reason the first words that came to my head were those of a Muslim brother and friend of mine named Muadh ( now living in Saudi Arabia) who once told me “the children of the ghettos are the ultimate victims of the sexual and cultural revolution”.

Our girls are in trouble. They were always vulnerable; but now it has changed and the dreams of horny boys have come true as girls are now acting out the dreams of the boys and writers celebrate it as a celebration of womens sexuality. Those writers and thinkers in such a celebratory mood from their penthouses with nannies taking care of their imported children will not be anywhere around as these young girls care for their children in housing projects, lay on their sick bed from HIV and spent lives on poverty based on getting a little liberated as youngsters.

The boys, of course, for the most part, don’t give a shit about any of this and the want today what high school boys and older men have always wanted and that is pussy and as much of it is they can possibly get it. Today they get to sit back and enjoy threesomes and watch fake lesbian sessions from middle school on. Going back to my school days, if it wouldn’t have been for wiser girls, I would have never went to school but would have had sex everyday and like the guys in the film I could care less what these girls names were as long as they looked decent.

What about the girls out there who don’t wanna get down like that? Are you just a square now if you don’t give out oral sex like hugs? 36 Mafia won a Grammy for a song called “Its Hard Out There Being a Pimp” somebody should make a song “Its Hard Out there for a Girl”.

St. Patricks Day Parade
The parade aint my thing. There are some things going on this weekend in the Irish community that do interest me, but being around a bunch of drunks I do not know is not fun to me so I do not attend the parade and the last time I did got into a scuffle and that was it for me.

Allow Me to Vent

I am going to vent a little bit. I have been to the New York DMV four times already and have wasted a lot of time bullshitting with them about the number if identification points that I have and other minor matters.

In the post 9-11 hysteria that has gripped America most states have passed new laws making it more difficult to obtain identification such as drivers licenses and a state ID. The first time I went to the DMV at Atlantic Center in Brooklyn I stood in line for two hours ( in a line 90% black) and when I go to the teller, who had the customer service skills of a Syrian civil servant, I was turned away because I didn’t have enough points of ID; I had a social security card and my MO ID, but I needed a birth certificate or a passport.

So I came back a few days later and stood in line three hours with everything and this time he told me that I couldnt transfer because he could not accept my Missouri license because it has no date of issuance on it. I told him “what do you want me to do” Missouri doesn’t put issuing dates on its DL; should I get one stamped on just for me? He told me that I would have to get a letter from the sate of Missouri stating when my license was issued and it has to be more than six months prior to the date ( and it is). Having nothing to do that day I said to myself “where do the white people and people with money go to do this” because I knew that wherever that was; customer service was gonna be a whole lot better and the line shorter. So I found out about a place called License Express on 34th St. in Manhattan and I went there and stood in line less than one minute before getting attention, but was told the same thing, this time with a smile.

That led me to having to call Missouri and fax them a notarized letter with all my info on it asking for what is known as a clearance letter from the state. I did this and it was faxed and after a week of not getting anything I called them and they said they never received the fax even though I had the fax receipt in my hand so I had to fax it again. So three weeks after sending the first fax I finally get the letter in the mail ( and the next day get another copy). This I will not blame solely on Missouri; but I will also blame our project mailman who seems to miss out on your letters about a third of the time.

Finally today I went back to License Express and there was another short line and everything went smoothly and everyone was friendly. As a part of the process I also registered to vote today and had to make the decision of what party to register with which is something that voters in a lot of states do not have to do.

My heart told me to register with the Working Families Party which is a Party that I have a lot of respect for and fights for the economic interests of the working-poor in New York. But my brain said this; I can always vote for the WFP in local general elections but I better register as a Democrat in order to vote in crucial primary elections. So that is what I did. Even though I am mad as hell at the Democratic Party and the only leader of that Party that is showing me anything is Sen. Russ Feingold of Wisconsin I registered with the Dems.

Before leaving the woman behind the counter asked me to give her the seventy-five dollars ( which is steep, it was $30 in Missouri) and handed me a piece of paper and told me it would arrive in the mail in a week or two!!! This means that I will have no photo ID to walk around with for the next couple of weeks, and in the ghetto that is something that can get you locked-up, and that my ID, in this day of ID theft, is being sent through the notoriously bad Brooklyn mail system and I may not get it period!!!

So, I asked the women “what if I never get it in the mail?” To which she replied “oh you will have to start a new process again”.

If anything good came from this it was the thought that came to me that maybe like most other industrialized countries we need a National Identification Card like Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff is asking for. Instead of dealing with all of this bullshit there will be one universal ID for every state in this increasingly transient society.