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Tookie Williams and the Gotti Brothers

Tookie Williams Execution Stanley “Tookie” Williams is the founder of the Crips street gang that along with the LA based Bloods gang have controlled the streets of black Southern California for decades and after 1988, when the movie Colors came … Continue reading

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Padilla Indictment a Complete Joke; Media Duped Again

Padilla Indictment a Complete Joke It looks as if the federal government has screwed-up again. For three -years we all thought that Jose Padilla was being held as an enemy combatant, with no legal rights as declared by the president, … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving: Thanking God or Just Another BS Holiday

What the hell is Thanksgiving anyway? It is supposed to be a holiday that is dedicated to the history of European pilgrims coming to the shores of the New World and surviving the elements and thanking God for it in … Continue reading

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The Ahmed Abu-Ali I Knew

I first met Ahmed Abu-Ali at the Dar al-Hijrah Masjid when he was a young teenage student at the Islamic Saudi Academy. He was a bright student and went on to become the class valedictorian. Ahmed would sit at the … Continue reading

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Death of American-Muslim Pioneer Amir Ali

For those of you who did not have the privilege of knowing Amir Ali, may Allah have mercy on his soul, he was a pioneer in Islamic education and Dawah and was based in Chicago. For years he operated the … Continue reading

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Confronting the Minutemen and Other Anti-Immigrant Groups

Omar Rosario, a good friend of mine in Northern Virginia by way of the Boogie Down Bronx , recently had a verbal confrontation with a group of Minutemen members outside of a local 7-11.For those of you who are unfamiliar … Continue reading

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Causes for Poverty and Some Cab Stories

A have had a lot of interaction with some readers about issues of poverty. Some believe that it is the responsibility of the government to provide a comprehensive plan to combat poverty and all of its ill-effects and I do … Continue reading

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Discrimination of Observant Muslim Women in Turkey and the Powder Keg in Jordan

The European Commission on Human Rights has ruled that it is acceptable for the Turkish state to discriminate against hijab-wearing Muslim women who under Turkish law cannot enter official government buildings or universities. The Turkish Attaturkian cult state deems that … Continue reading

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European Civil War?

News has it that the French riots have now spread to Germany and Belgium and Europeans are fearing that the entire continent may erupt in rioting. Over the last several years immigration has become the major political issue in Europe … Continue reading

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Prejudices in the World of Film and the St. Louis International Film Festival

I am a big film buff and I try to go to the movies as much as I can ( when there is something worth paying for) and I am always trying to upgrade my DVD collection. Films that provoke … Continue reading

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Shaking Hands with the Opposite Sex

The issue of Muslim men shaking hands with women has come up several times in the media this year and twice on a show that I regularly watch. Real Time with Bill Maher is a funny show, even if the … Continue reading

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