On Wrestling, The Culture of the Sport, and Ferguson

It was really a pleasure doing this interview with the great Eddie Goldman “The Conscious of Combat Sports”. You can listen to the hour long interview here.

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10 Positive Suggestions For St. Charles County

1. Metrolink and investment in public transportation

2. Support of a living-wage

3. Creation of public-housing and mixed-income housing

4. ESL in public schools

5. Civilian-review board for police

6. Public health investment

7. Judicial reform/ stop criminalizing addiction

8. Support of school transfers

9. Support of religious diversity

10. Invest in homeless resources and stop outsourcing problems to St. Louis City


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Message to St. Charles Hoosiers

This post is for the reactionary rednecks whose ability to reason has been harmed by generations of hoosier inbreeding.  Someone came up with an address from Casenet for me and is passing it around the Internet and making threats.  I do not live in Florissant and I haven’t in more than 20 years.  My concern is one of these Cooters or Bubbas may attack that home where there is only two senior citizens living. I have lived in Brooklyn,  Queens,  DC, Kansas City,  Dallas,  and various places in St. Louis since living at the address.  In fact I just moved from my place in Old North St Louis where I’d been living for 3 years to a new place in University City. 

Try picking up a book and putting down the Natty Lite.  Tune into PBS and not the Trick My Truck marathon. 

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Protests in St. Charles County

Greetings everyone.  I am proud to say I’ve been involved in the Justice for Mike Brown movement from day one. His tragic death highlighted decades of police violence to the community and the systematic issues in North County.  From the earliest days I suggested to fellow protesters targeting St. Charles County.  The reason for this is quite clear. St. Charles County as you know it wouldn’t exist without massive white-flight from North County.  A large percentage of police officers in North County commute in from St. Charles,  Lincoln,  and Warren counties.  Residents of St. Charles County also control many of the jobs and resources of North County. Many of you thought you could run away and flee what you saw as problems.  You ran across the river in search of racial purity in generic suburbs.  The protests are being brought to you to teach you that you can run but you cannot hide. Darren Wilson went to St. Charles Westate and bought a house with the wife he left in Troy. You can’t do your dirt in North County and think you can run and hide in white-flight country.  I am always free to talk and discuss.  Tomorrow I’ll be spending all day in St. Charles County.  Feel free to inbox me. Would love to meet and hear your perspective.

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Ferguson Photos 3 ( Plus Occupy St. Louis University)




















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How to Help Ferguson Protesters Worldwide

I have received a  number of calls, texts, tweets and emails from around the country asking what can be done to help protesters on the ground in Ferguson.

  1. There are many different funds and individuals working on these issues now. Some are collecting the materials needed to remedy teargas and other chemical weapons used by St. Louis area police. Cash is always needed as well. Bonds are being raised higher and higher. After my first arrest I had a $300 bond and on my second arrest I had a $1,000 bond. Arch City Defenders, the ACLU and others are handling peoples bonds. Please donate to them especially the Arch City Defenders.
  2. Tribe X, Lost Voices, Hands Up and other grassroots forces on the ground need your donations for daily living.
  3. Support those doing livestreaming such as Bassem Masri and Sasha Pain. This video evidence is crucial in countering the lies of the police.
  4. Donate to elected officials who are on the ground doing good things such as Alderman Antonio French and State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal and donate to #healSTL

Now here is my idea. This idea is not complete as I have not set up a paypal or fundraising account. This is just letting people know where my head is at.

Housing prices in Ferguson have always been pretty low and they are now dropping with recent events. For example you can buy ready to live in house for $50 to 100K in Ferguson easily. You can also rent 2 and 3 bedroom apartments for$500 or $600 bucks.  With the worldwide momentum this campaign is getting I think we need to get donations together to establish more residences in Ferguson.

1. Residences where activists can rest and bathe and house out of town visitors

2. Residences where volunteers can come to offer yoga, massages, meditation, pedicures, manicures, therapy, medical attention, herbal remedies, and other needs to protesters

3. Residences where activists can move into to establish residency in order to run for office in Ferguson


This is a blueprint. Will follow up on at a later date.






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Words to White Ferguson Community


After a tense night debating with Ferguson folks opposing the protests (see the video below)

I attempted to make a more measured video engaging the Ferguson white community

which led to a discussion on Facebook and well….

I attempted to engage with white Ferguson residents today who feel they’ve been misrepresented. A couple were civil. The majority spoke as uneducated racists and bigots. Here is my closing remarks to them below.

what I see on here is there are a few sensible people. The rest seem like hateful bigots embracing the tired belief to be an authentic white American you have to hate anyone who doesn’t look or pray like you. Hopefully this ignorance won’t be passed down to your children.

If you want to know why the protesters are in the streets and why people think of Ferguson in a negative way at this time despite many good people living there I suggest you look in the mirror and do some soul searching.

I also agree with Paul in that Cory Patterson is just a big talker. It’s no accident he picked the wimpiest looking guy in the crowd of protesters to pick on last night.

Those speaking of “the one true God” sound like ISIS. I suggest you read the writings of Pope John Paul II and Pope Frances on ecumenical relations and tune out the FOX News. You all are sounding less like the Pope and more like the Catholic Church that was responsible for the genocide of the indigenous people of Latin America.

Renee Lyon I appreciate your perspective on this issue. If we could all talk as humans.

That’s all I have to say. I attempted to engage in civilized dialogue and I mostly got hate, ignorance and bigotry in return. Look in the mirrors. It is your hate that set these fires and not the youth. It is your hate that emboldened Darren Wilson.

If anyone wants to have a civilized discussion feel free to reach out.

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